Monday, December 22, 2008

When Republicans try to be down…… no, Ann Coulter will not be joining a black sorority.

Anh “Joseph” Cao, the Republican who beat Rep. William Jefferson in the second Congressional district of Louisiana race, has expressed interest in joining the Congressional Black Caucus. Apparently Cao, the first Vietnamese-American elected to Congress, was elected in a predominantly minority district (64 percent African-American, and 3 percent Asian). Well isn’t this Ka-winky-dink!!! A republican, that isn’t black, that wants to join the CBC. I hope he talked to the spirit of Ronald Reagan before he made this decision.

I’m going to go off the tracks here and say that they should let him join. Why?? In 2006, Rep. Steve Cohen wanted to join after being elected in a predominantly black district. They dissed him and didn’t give him his golden ticket for entrance. When these politicians are being elected from majority black districts, they should get a serious look from the CBC. They are attempting to join because they will be dealing with the same issues. They also might need help in trying to provide for the needs of their constituents. The CBC should be flattered that these congressmen want to join their organization. Besides, the Black Republicans definitely don’t want anything to do with them. Let’s be honest about this group. It’s not like they support a true “black” agenda. A majority of them were endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton for president. I think Rep. Cao should receive an interview from the CBC or whatever it is that they do. And he should be given the right hand of fellowship. In the spirit of President Elect Obama reaching across the aisle, the CBC should hook this Republican up. Besides he probably thinks that the CBC gives better parties than the Asian-Pacific Islander Caucus. Think about it? Kwame Kilpatrick’s mother is a member and you know how those Kilpatrick’s do……

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uglyblackjohn said...

They SHOULD let him in without any further thought. As your post states, he's just trying to learn how to better serve his constituency. The fact that he recognizes the caucus as credible is reason enough.