Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry

Sniff Sniff... Yours truly has been given The Superior Scribbler Award. The award was given to me by UglyBlackJohn. You can click on the above post title to learn more about the award.
As part of the rules of this award I must pass "The Award" on to 5 most-deserving Bloggers. See rules below:

1. Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
2. Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
3. Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
4. Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
5. Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.
So here we go...............rim-shot please...we can't afford a drumroll.
uppity negro network - provides an unusual brand of commentary that is part religious/part street sense/part common sense. Even if you don’t agree with some of his posts, you will surely be challenged by them and that’s what I like.
a blue state of mind - is a calming presence to the blogosphere. Her life is written as if it were a painting. When you read her posts, it’s as if you are watching someone painting on blank canvas.
aunt jemimas revenge - provides commentary that is straight with no chaser. She is unapologetic and unbossed. She says what many people are thinking and what they wish they could say. A strong black woman that doesn’t take shorts…you gotta love her.
we are respectable negroes - has some of the best ranting that you can find on the web. Don’t get me wrong because it’s not just three folks sitting around flapping their jaws. They provide insightful, well thought out rants. They have something good to read on a weekly basis. Key Word: Consistency.
makes me wanna be a writer - is the cool kid in school. I’m kept up to date with the latest in pop culture without all the sleaze you get at some other sites. Also knows how to drop a thoughtful gem on you. Make sure you stop in to check out the music selection.


Debo Blue said...

Thanks for the recognition and the compliments. I really appreciate the award but dude, all those instructions and links and stuff?

How about I just post it on my blog?

Citizen Ojo said...

Ha Ha Ha... when I looked at the instructions I thought the same thing. It took me awhile to put all that together. It's yours now so you can do what you like.

Eye D. VS Mel O. said...

good looks on the nomination... now i must think a bit on who are illest scribblers out of sooo many... geez what a tough dilemma lol