Friday, December 12, 2008

Bob Johnson isn’t done with messing…opps, uh…changing the face of television.

Bob Johnson, business mogul, has plans for a new “urban” television network that will cater to a multicultural audience. The new network will focus on health, lifestyle, and education issues. Wow….. I can’t believe someone had the concept to create a television network for people of color. Golly jeepers…this Bob Johnson character must be a genius. Black Entertainment Television has given us such great gems like Cita’s World and College Hill…………… Sike!!!

I wish I could say this was a joke I read on a bathroom stall somewhere. But like politicians and prostitutes it’s all real!!!! Bob Johnson actually has plans to run another 24/7 network. You have got to be (this is a family blog so no cursing here but this is where you would insert curse words if you curse) kidding me!!!! We have seen this all before. The network starts off with such promise and then something happens. I don’t know if it’s greed, ignorance or the lack of intellectual curiosity. But something sinister happens. The good shows go by the wayside and the lowest common denominator shows start popping up. You go from intellectual conversations about politics to soft core porn. I’ve watched BET, like Hip Hop, go from a beautiful queen to a crack head. Now after pimping up and ho’ing down BET, Bob Johnson wants to expand his slimy touch to a wider audience.

Bob Johnson can do whatever he wants because it’s his money. I just want him to start what he finishes first. He needs to fix the Charlotte Bobcats, the basketball team that he owns. Workers are getting laid off, there is no star player, the seats are too expensive and the business community is pissed off with statements made by Mr. Johnson. You name the team after yourself and you fly in and out of town like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I’ve seen more layoffs in North Carolina than I have bobcats. How are you going to pass the bobcat off as a native cat of North Carolina…….but I digress.

You have lost all credibility in the television business so whatever you do will be scrutinized. If this network starts “cutting fool” like BET did, I am going to blow you up on this blog. Mr. Johnson, this time get it right!!!!


uglyblackjohn said...

Don't hold your breath.
Bob stated that he started BET to make money. It wasn't a sublime idea.
Bob misses the media limelight.
Unless this is a project that he is going into to lose money, BET v2.0 is what we're going to get.

Bedlam said...

whooo mama!!! BEDLAM !!! Bedlam don't like BET...has alway sucked in BEDLAM's view. But you know, that what folk people like, and if you look at folk people, the reflect the image seen on BET.