Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I wish that I could blame Bush but I can’t find him.

I was talking to my dad about Social Security over this past Thanksgiving break. He talked about when he retires, (again!) he will have a Social Security check rolling in. I mentioned to him that when Social Security was founded they weren’t expecting people to have longer life spans. I also told him there wouldn’t be any money left for me when I get older. Point of reference on my dad’s age: He is currently trying to get the “Shaft” movie soundtrack converted from his 8-track cartridge to a Compact Disc. Please don’t ask….

Anyway, his response to me about Social Security was “I don’t know what you are going to do but I’m getting a check.” During Bush’s time in office what did he do about Social Security? I wish I could blame Bush for the lack of Social Security reform.

We are now just finding out that we have been in a recession since 2007. That means for almost 2 years we have been lied to “by the powers that be.” It feels like every American Economist just popped out of a cake and yelled surprise!!!! Apparently we weren’t told about the recession because they didn’t want us to stop spending money. People are losing their jobs, and homes and they wanted us to keep spending? But not spending on the United States or even “in” the U.S. Amazing…it’s no surprise where our jobs are going – we purchase toys from China, clothes from Taiwan, diamonds from Africa, hair weave from Korea, Beer from Germany, rock music from the United Kingdom, and cars from Italy, Korea, Germany, Japan and Great Britain. Jobs kept going overseas, no oversight on shady bank deals and a war (or two or possibly three) that has no end in sight. During Bush’s time in office what did he do about building up the Economic Surplus? I wish I could blame Bush for the Economy.

I see Barack Obama rolling out new cabinet members like appliances at Sears. I see the Chairman of the Fed and the Treasury Secretary pretending to fix the economy. I even see Condi Rice playing the piano for the Queen of England but I can’t find Bush. Is he hiding out in that bunker with the Vice President? The last time I saw him, the economy went bust, he looked scared and I haven’t seen him since. I know he has an MBA from a so called “elite” school. I guess those Ivy League Schools don’t teach economics… If Bush is still the president, then he needs to show his face. If only I knew where he was…….

P.S. It’s not Bush’s fault that Plaxico Burress (Dummy!!!) shot himself in public but if I could pin it on him I would….

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Anonymous said...

Another name for Plaxico? Pacman Jones.

I'm a Cowboys fan. Feel me?

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