Friday, December 19, 2008

Guilty until proven innocent: The Chicago Story.

Governor Rod Blagojevich had his press conference today in Chicago. If it was meant to be a serious event, they completely missed the mark. Gov. Blagojevich’s lawyers made me laugh with their flare for the dramatics. If I’m ever caught on tape, those are the folks that I want working my case. No public defenders for me!!! I am amazed at Gov. Blagojevich’s insistence that he did nothing wrong. As if that was someone else that we heard on tape. His lawyers are trying to say that the wire taps were illegal. Yeah right!!! The wire taps on Martin Luther King Jr, and the Black Panthers were illegal. This was someone running a wire tap on a possible crooked politician. He was on tape discussing the possibility of selling a U.S. Senate seat. If he gets out of this one, he will be the “white” O.J. Simpson.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. went from being a number on the “wanna be” U.S. Senate carousel to Donnie Brasco. One day he was accused of floating a bribe to the Gov. The next day he was a snitch for the state. But what kind of informant was he? Did he do it because he cares about corruption or was he trying to get back at Blagojevich? This is the biggest Jackson mess since Michael burnt his perm on tour. Congressman Jackson is defending himself on two fronts. He is trying to prove that he is not a corrupt politician. He is also trying to prove that he is a good snitch and not a bad one? Or that he wasn’t a full time snitch but just a part time one? It’s really confusing and I wish someone could clear it up for me. They say there are three sides to a story and I truly believe that. Whose side is it: The Governor, The Congressmen or The person from the Obama camp that talked to the Governor?


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