Sunday, December 07, 2008

What a week!! 12/1/08 – 12/5/08

This week was the worst!!! There were numerous Job layoffs or as CEO’s call them “job reductions”. When you are out of a job, you really don’t sit around worrying about semantics. President Elect Obama rolled out more of his “Super Friends” to the world. Obama is steady filling up his presidential cabinet while President Bush’s cupboards are bare. I remember when people didn’t want Obama to mention his name and President in the same sentence. Now they are crying out for him to take charge. The last thing we need is for two people pretending to be president. We already have one person that fits that description.

Alan “Kamikaze” Keyes, a conservative crackpot, has filed a lawsuit to withhold California electoral votes until Obama proves he is a U.S. Citizen. Yes……….(I say with embarrassment) Alan Keyes is a black man. This is the same Keyes who lost a 2004 Illinois Senate race to Obama. He actually moved to Illinois to run against Obama. Yes……….(I say with extreme embarrassment) Keyes never lived in Illinois…NEVER! The Republicans probably figured “well It’s just one black guy” so let’s send him out against Obama. Keyes has become the Black Republican Canary (no not a superhero but a super zero). They send in Keyes (like a canary) into the coal mines (political races he can’t win) to test for toxic fumes (to lose). Republicans can then pat themselves on the back and say they are diverse. Keyes needs to stop chasing Obama around discrediting him. It’s just not cool. Keyes will never end up on the cover of Ebony for the top 25 blacks with swagger. Keyes and these other loons need to drop these lawsuits and petitions. Obama would not have gotten this far if he was an illegal alien. His mother is from Kansas for crying out loud!!!

Another week of watching those kooky automobile CEO’s aka “The Big 3”. Why would you drive all the way from Detroit to Washington in a compact car? If they could afford a PR Firm, they would have known to go coach on the first trip. After years of creating cars that needed to be refueled every 2 days, we are officially in a crisis (per the financial books of the Big 3). I wonder did the CEO’s sit around saying “those silly Japanese, do they really think those miniature cars will sell”. These CEO’s had a lack of foresight and were not able to prepare for the future of the automobile. So we are supposed to hand them a check because they now have a plan? I’m all for throwing people out once they show you they are incompetent. The unions that work for these companies are feeling the heat as well. They better get their stories together or they might be going to Washington by Greyhound. I just don’t know if going the MC Hammer Bankrupt route will fix anything either. Due to the lies that we have been told so far, I don’t trust any of these Economists. Citizen Wifey handles the family finances so maybe I should consult her. At least she won’t wait a year to tell us we are in a recession.

Saxby (my name sounds like a Saxophone mixed with Zaxby’s Restaurant) Chambliss won his run-off election with a whopping 57 percent of the vote. The Georgia Senator was talking a lot of trash after his victory. If he was a better politician, he wouldn’t have been in this predicament. The person he was running against must have been 7th on the depth chart of available politicians. The Democratic Party had a lot of ATLiens to choose from to run against Saxby. Usher, Jermaine Dupree, Young Jeezy, Andre 3000. Georgia proved that black folks won’t come out to vote if Barack Obama is not on the ticket. In Clayton County (which has a heavy African American population) Jim Martin received half the votes he did in the November election. It appears that we have yet to comprehend the power that voting gives us (i.e. special interest groups and lobbying). Yeah, this week really sucked…..


cpabooks said...

Beginning with "Alan “Kamikaze” Keyes, a conservative crackpot" is a pretty bigoted statement designed to discredit someone without grounds. I don't mind people disagreeing on issues, but I do mind name calling. Mr. Keyes actually has standing to sue Obama for being less than truthful on his personal history. Another attorney Leo Donofrio (also NOT a crackpot) is suing the NJ Secretary of state for not vetting all three of the presidential candidates. None meet the "natural born citizen" qualification as contemplated by the framers of our COnstitution. This last case as well as five others are lined up at the toll booth of the Supreme Court just waiting for the green light. Please set your personal judgments aside and help us look out after the Constitution. For more see:

Citizen Ojo said...

CPAbooks… name calling is what I do on my blog. These are my thoughts and opinions. Conservative commentators on Fox News say much worse and they make more money than I do.

You are correct in saying that people are allowed to sue in this matter. But I have 2 problems with these lawsuits.

1)When Alan Keyes lost to Obama in the Illinois State Senate race, he never sued to have Illinois withhold their electoral votes. He had a perfect opportunity to verify if Obama was not a U.S. citizen. He didn’t!! He took his butt whipping and went back home. You have to ask yourself why now?

2)The U.S. Constitution has been trampled on for the last 8 years and now you “want to look out after the Constitution”? Where have you been for the last 8 years????? We needed you on the case protecting our civil liberties. Now all of a sudden protecting the Constitution is the right thing to do???

Now this part might sound Bigoted to you so you might want to stop reading. It seems to me that when a Black man wants to have a job where he isn’t picking up or cleaning up after someone. There is always an issue with his qualifications. After all this man has accomplished he is still questioned? Are we really protecting the laws of the land or practicing racism?

Debo Blue said...

Thanks for setting Crapbooks straight. Wanna come in your house and tell you how to run it.

And I agree, how come Alan Wheeze didn't try all this on Barack when they were going for the same positions?