Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How The Hills ruined my evening……can someone please get some Diversity on this show?

This one might be the post where the right wingers finally put the prejudice label on me. I’m not going to try to defend myself with the “well I have plenty of white friends”. Maybe I could use some though, because you never know when you need a co-signer for a loan. Lately I have been too busy to go out looking for a white friend. I have been trying to fit it into my schedule but between work and this blog….well you know how it is. Anyway, this is about how the television show The Hills ruined my evening.

I started a conversation with Citizen Wifey about us needing a new dryer. The current one looks like it was made in the Nixon Administration and it’s starting to sound like a World War II fighter plane. Then she said that The Hills were coming on. I was working on my lap top and I didn’t feel like leaving so I asked her how long would it be on. You see I don’t like the show because it is stupid. Rich white girls running around doing nothing. They do nothing from Hollywood to Paris. They do nothing from sun up to sun down. They sit around talking about feelings and falling out and making up with friends. The good thing about Sanford and Son, Good Times and even Benson was that they were relatable. You could even watch Different Strokes and Fact of Life with some credibility. They had characters that you could identify with. Citizen Wifey says that the show is entertaining. Wrestling is entertaining to me but every time it comes on all I hear is complaints.

Anyway, I was trying to get her to look at Dryers on the internet and all I kept hearing was crap. Some dummy went away to Mexico and he thought he married his girlfriend. They come back to the U.S. and find it’s not a legitimate wedding. So now they have to go to the justice of the peace to get hitched. Meanwhile his girlfriends’ mother and best friend are mad at her because she married the dummy. All this was going on and the dryer sounded like someone threw rocks in it and turned it on. Having that show on was like being tortured slowly. I would have rather been water boarded by Dick Cheney than have to listen to another minute. Then during the commercials you find out that this show has spawned spin offs. Listen I don’t have a problem with white women on television, because I like Kelly Ripa just as much as anyone else. I just don’t want to see rich girls doing absolutely nothing. Why can’t they add someone from across town (Crenshaw, Watts, or Compton) to the mix? At least when you see a girl crying about her best friend a sister can add some insight. She will some something powerful such as “you don’t need her anyway, let’s go shopping, but with your money of course.”

These shows keep being created and people keep watching them and I ask myself why? What is it that makes them so entertaining? You never see them going through any real struggle. You never see them face true adversity. People are eating and shopping around Los Angeles and my dryer sounds like a leprechaun is inside with a jackhammer. We have got to have better television shows on in the Citizen household. And Black Entertainment Television, don’t think I have forgot about you. I’m still trying to get you out of my house.

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