Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama and the man from Saddleback

People are mad at Pastor Rick Warren/People are mad at President Elect Barack Obama. Gays think that Heterosexuals hates them/Heterosexuals think that Gays hate them. Obama’s pick to do the invocation has sparked much controversy. I don’t believe there is a pastor, father, reverend or bishop on this planet that would have pleased everyone. A reporter even called Obama a bigot. All this time and now we find out Obama is a racist?? I guess that reporter hasn’t seen Obama’s picks for cabinet members. I take it that lately Gays feel that they are being persecuted. Well that is another conversation that is up for debate at another time. I want to end this post on a positive note.

My Holiday message for Obama is simply this: Oh well….you can’t make em all happy.

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