Monday, September 29, 2008

It’s a shame that black folks won’t support black films that aren’t directed by Tyler Perry.

Spike Lee's World War II drama "Miracle at St. Anna" debuted poorly for Disney, with just $3.5 million in ninth place.The story of an all-black U.S. Army troop in wartime Tuscany, "Miracle" attracted audiences comprised 86% of couples Saturday night, with 80% of patrons over age 25. The film played best in New York and Los Angeles -- which together contributed more than 21% of its weekend coin -- but "Miracle" will be looking to future frames to salvage any sort of decent theatrical run following its wobbly start.

It’s a shame that black folks won’t support black films that aren’t directed by Tyler Perry. The Citizens (me and the wife) made sure that we supported the film because we know how hard it is to get black films made. The lack of success for Miracle at St. Anna, means the next war film involving black folks might not get made. I have nothing against Tyler Perry, but it seems that if he isn’t making a movie then we won’t watch it. The Great Debaters was an excellent film, but it did not do well either. What will it take for us to support these films? Did Spike Lee need to put Katt Williams in it? And we wonder why Hollywood gives money to make movies like Soul Plane.

My advice to Spike Lee: Clint Eastwood is not the problem. It’s us!!!!!!!!!!!!!


uglyblackjohn said...

I ran a jazz club a couple of years ago. Every once in a while I would have a night that would benefit some aspect of the community. We gad Black acts (mostly)and Black employees and ownership. The whites from the area would support jazz moreso than the Blacks (who would fill the place for "Grown Folks' Night").
It's just the state of our popular culture.

Citizen Ojo said...

Yes, with jazz I've noticed that whites appreciate the art more. When I was stationed overseas, more Europeans attended the jazz festivals.

I still think that if you don't support your own then you have no one to blame when it is not successful.