Wednesday, September 24, 2008

700 Billion Reasons to skip a debate

There is something going on that is as crooked as the letter “s” in Mississippi. Not since Mr. Whitefolks made his introduction in Pimp’s Up Ho’s Down has a white man ran this much game. Senator John McCain wants to call off Friday’s debate in order to work on America’s economic woes. This is all silly because neither senator sits on committees that have any direct dealings with the bail out. Senator McCain is a member of the Armed Services, Indian Affairs and Commerce, and Science and Transportation committees. Science and Transportation? Does that deal with teleportation machines?

McCain might have the American public fooled but I’m not buying this one. This is the old banana in the tailpipe trick. McCain needs to get his behind down to ole miss and start answering questions. There isn’t a politician in the District of Columbia that knows what to do with the economy. Bush and McCain were both C Average students in school, so they definitely have no clue. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is the one that is running the show. If he says jump then all of congress will say how high. The years of reckless financial dealing and no oversight has caused suffering for American citizens. This capitalistic greed happened on the watch of many of these congressional members. It is inconceivable that not one person saw this coming. So after 26 years of serving in congress, John McCain is going to ride in with the Calvary and save America? McCain needs to stop playing games and get with the program. America needs real solutions and not gimmicks. When will politicians stop jerking us around and do their jobs????

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