Saturday, September 13, 2008

Down and Out in Macomb County

The Republicans should go into the magic business, because they are forever pulling a trick out of their butt. Since the hanging chads in Florida, they have been trying to manipulate the voting process. If intimidation doesn’t work, they always have Clarence “Uncle” Thomas and the rest of the hanging judges in their back pockets. This latest con is so brilliant that I even have to tip my hat to it. They are going to keep people that lost their homes to foreclosure from voting. The Macomb County Republican Party is doing this, because they want to keep the voting process honest and fair. Anytime a Republican uses the word fair, I think of a slave running from dogs with his arm tied behind his back.

I know a conservative person might be reading this and think that I’m unfair. They will probably say that I am biased and I’m in the tank for Obama. Well after looking at the Republican convention, I saw that they were sending minorities a message. No minorities allowed!!!! So am I biased… probably, but no more than the Republican National Party. So am I in the tank for Obama….I support him. I don’t agree with all of his views, but he is my candidate of choice. I hope no one thought that this blog was like Fox News (Fair and Balanced) ha ha ha ha. The reason I have this blog is so I can give my opinion on topics of the day. It might come off at times that I am hard on conservatives. That’s only because I don’t want to revert back to Jim Crow laws. With this voter suppression in Michigan that’s exactly where we are headed.

The part that the Republican Party is leaving out is that most of the foreclosures would be African American homeowners. So we are talking about African Americans that typically vote for a Democrat losing their right to vote. Mmmmmmmmm! Is this just a coincidence that many sub-prime loans, which are more likely to be sold to minorities, are going to go into default and keep African Americans from voting? If it is a coincidence then O.J. Simpson is back dating Sistas again.

For all those individuals that thought this election was going to be different, you must be out of your damn mind!!! This race was set up to be the nastiest thing since a Flavor Flav sex tape. Now defenseless homeowners are going to be used as pawns in this vicious election. I hope there is a legal way to fight this foolishness because I don’t want anyone who is eligible to vote get screwed.

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