Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Hockey Mom from Wasilla "The Gov's Big Speech"

Citizen Wifey was watching the Republican National Convention, and she thought it was the movie Stepford Wives. I guess it was because of all the white women with blond hair, and heavy make-up. Citizen Wifey is almost correct in her analogy of the convention. Just like the Stepford Wives there are very few blacks around. You occasionally see a happy go lucky black grinning like its pay day, but other than that-the cuberts are bare. I’m really watching this to see what Governor Sarah Palin is about. I don’t know anything about the woman except she likes to skin animals. I don’t know how PETA is going to feel about that one.

I’m trying to analyze Palin’s speech but Citizen Wifey is still trying to point out black folks in the crowd. I’ll be glad when she can at least piece together 10 black folks. It’s not going to work if they keep showing the same black guy. Please help my wife find a black person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate to keep bringing this up, but this crowd is whiter than my elementary school picture. It was me and a white girls black boots in the photo. It’s nice that her husband is part Eskimo. I don’t know what that really means but it’s nice (I guess). Why does her family keep passing that baby around? Ewww, the daughter just licked her hand and smoothed the baby’s head down (that’s just kinda nasty to me). Since she is a hockey mom I saw a sign that says drop the puck….I guess they are talking about Obama. Why is the crowd chanting NBC when it comes to the media bias??? Fox News Anyone???? It just came out that she wasn’t properly vetted, so it’s natural that people have questions about her. She is one heartbeat away from being in control of the Nukes!!!! I need to know something about this lady. If foreign experience is the fact that your state is next to Russia, something is wrong.

(We interrupt this posting for a news flash: Alaska is number one in America when it comes to Chlamydia)

Now back to our regular scheduled program.

It sure looks empty in the arena. Why is she talking about Obama making Government Bigger!!! That’s what George Bush has done – she must not get Direct TV in Alaska. What’s the deal with all the cowboy hats?? Are they filming another Lonesome Dove movie after the speech? How can you be a reformer when you have been in Washington as long as John McCain? Palin is trying to spin this to make herself look like Joan of Arc. I’m just not buying it.

We are still looking for some black people!!!! They usually have a janitor or truck driver in the back somewhere. The wives of Rudolph Giuliani and John McCain are sitting next to each other. That must be the mistress section of the convention. I haven’t seen Giuliani’s bus down (oops.. I mean wife) in awhile. She still has that same dumb look on her face. Please stop interviewing Giuliani because he sucks!!! Every black person I know from New York hates that guy. When have you seen people from all the boroughs agree on the same thing? You mean the only black person they can get on stage is Cowboy Troy??? What in the hezzy???? I hope he is getting paid for this.

I hate to keep saying this but the lack of black folks is an issue. The Republicans have an image problem, and I don’t know how they can change it. I don’t even know if they want to change it. I think they are happy with who they are. It’s unfortunate because without diversity we all lose.

Palin got the base excited but at the Citizen Crib it’s all crickets.


The Socialite said...

Omg! I laughed through this entire post. You had the same reactions I had. The licking of the hand,the mistress section, the next to russia means understanding foreign policy, all of those things had me laughing really hard. The convention was a circus!!!! Great post.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how the gov could go after Obama. He's smart went to school to better himself. Where did Sarah go to school??? What did she major in. I dont want any leader, man or woman, leading my country who has too much family dynamics. It is obvious to me that Sarah needs to spend more time with her children. She couldn't answer the phone 3:00 AM in the morning, neither can J.McCain. Anybody wanting a woman on the ticket that bad, this country is in trouble!!!!