Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Ballad of Kwame Kilpatrick

After years of Mayor Kilpatrick’s reign of Detroit, today the Pimp Train finally jumped the track. If you thought about feeling sorry for him, don’t! On his way out the door the guy still won’t shut up. Kilpatrick said in court today, “This city always gets up. I want to tell you Detroit, that you done set me up for a comeback.” This clown is more dramatic than a high school play of Hamlet. Along with his mistress Christine Beatty…oops I mean his former Chief of Staff. Kilpatrick was in court today pleading guilty to two felony counts of obstructing justice by committing perjury. Beatty previously invoked her 5th amendment right against self-incrimination 61 times in sworn testimony. Today though, she was getting ready to cut her own deal. Kilpatrick also has to serve 4 months in jail and he has to turn over his state pension to the city.

The man that is taking his place is the real person that is getting screwed. City Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr was persuaded from moving into Manoogian Mansion and to not ride in the mayoral Cadillac Escalade. Cockrel can’t drive the Lac around Detroit? That’s sadder than a John McCain acceptance speech.

The police chief of Detroit put her two week notice in as well. I guess she saw the writing on the wall. Anyone else who is a Kilpatrick hire should be filling out their resumes ASAP. It’s unfortunate that Governor Jennifer Granholm had to get involved in order for Detroit to find resolution. Kilpatrick’s abuse of power is the reason for his down fall. He has no one to blame but himself. Maybe he will eventually learn something from all this. Who am I kidding he won’t, its Kwame Kilpatrick!!

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the uppity negro said...


I'm always going to feel sorry for him because he just effed up his position. He was in a prime position to do a lot with what he had and he just shat on it.

But I am mad his butt trying to sound like a preacher talking about "you set me up for a comeback."

And if nothing else, Ken Cockrel, aka Shrek via Councilwoman Monica Conyers should get to ride around in the mayoral car.