Sunday, June 22, 2008

Message to the Black Church: Watch For The Hook

Disclaimer: this post is not about supporting gay marriage.
The Black Church has been bamboozled, hoodwinked, run amuck, and led astray. It has been Pimped up and Ho’d down by none other than the Republican Party. President George Bush promised in 2004 that if the Black Church voted for him he would save them from perversion. He was going to do this by stopping Homosexuals from getting married. Osama Bin Laden was hiding in the hills and George Bush wanted to fight Adam and Steve. Most Black Churches are located in terrible neighborhoods that are full of crime, drugs, homelessness, and substandard schools. What made them think that gay marriage was a major issue they needed to tackle? Did they think that homosexuals were going to invade the church carrying wedding cakes and bouquets? Whatever George Bush said to them must have worked because they passed the homeless man, crack addict, and student with no books to go vote for him.

Well once again black folks were duped. California has just allowed Homosexual Marriages and all hell has broke loose. People are running, flying, and roller skating to Cali just to get hitched. San Francisco has turned into the Washington D.C. of the west. Marriage licenses are being handed out like bad mortgage loans. I thought George Bush was going to make sure this day would never happen. Who fell asleep at the wheel to let this go down? George Bush must have been busy defending Scooter Libby and begging the Saudis to lower oil prices. Karl Rove may be the person that we can blame for this. He was the architect of the elections or as I like to say the “brains” of the operation. Maybe it was Vice President Dick Cheney that messed this whole thing up. Then again his daughter is gay so he might not care about gay marriage. Just as long as gay marriage doesn’t mess up his oil money; he won’t complain.

Because everyone likes blaming Republicans, I will stick with pinning this on them. The Black Church sold out to the Republicans for nothing. It was all smoke screens and mirrors. The Republicans wanted to elect George Bush and they needed all the help they could get. They pulled out their old bag of tricks i.e.… Conservative Christianity. They found a problem, created a fear and then told you that they can solve the problem by saying God was on their side. It doesn’t matter if they are fighting wars or stopping gay marriages. It is the same standard line that they use across the board. Meanwhile all the issues that the parishioners of Black Churches needed, still have not been met. Every night if you turn on your local news, you can see how black folks in the hood are catching hell. Instead of black folks getting the New Deal, they got The Raw Deal. Once again ** What made them think that gay marriage was a major issue they needed to tackle? **

The Black Church acted like they have never seen any gay people before. How did they let George Bush (of all people) give them the shaft? Let me point these church folks out so people can have a better understanding. The flamboyant choir director that wears blouses….. yep he’s gay. The two ladies that sit so close to each other in the pew that they look like siamese twins……. yep they’re gay. The usher that switches up and down the aisle….. yep he’s gay. The guy that dresses better than every man and woman in church and you never see him with a woman……. yep he’s gay. Blacks have had gays embedded in church since the doors first opened. Once again ** What made them think that gay marriage was a major issue they needed to tackle? **
I hope that black folks have learned from this little disaster and will not get fooled again. When you vote based on fear, you are giving away your vote. When you vote for people that only need you during election time, you are giving away your vote. Stop giving your vote away because it’s too important. The Black Church needs to get back to addressing the needs of their parishioners and stop politicking. As the saying goes “play your position”.

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