Monday, June 16, 2008

The Battle of Trinidad neighborhood

Times must be hard in the city!!! No let me take that back, times must be bad in the city. Crime is so bad in the District of Columbia that the police have to control neighborhood activity. The Police have to actually check who goes in to the neighborhood. If you are a resident then come on in. Not a resident? Get lost. When a neighborhood is so bad that they have to do checkpoints - you don't live on the same streets as Sanford and Son, you live in Fallujah.

If must be really hard to have a social life when your friends keep getting turned away at the top of the street. I know the American Civil Liberties Union is all over this with the quickness. I'm also sure some of the Trinidad residents will gladly accept the ACLU's help. They probably don't like the fact that they currently live in a police state. On the flipside, there are residents that are tired of living in fear. They are tired of being victims and want their lives back. As the saying goes "this is a sad state of affairs." It is a prime example of a few bad apples spoiling the whole barrel. I just hope it doesn't get any worse, because pretty soon they might have to throw the barrel out.


the uppity negro said...

well, the police check point is just on one street, which i think is futile--there are other ways into the neighborhood.

Secondly, the question is what DO you do when you have a war style assault on the neighborhood? When you have seven murders iin one weekend and all very close to the same neighborhood. Don't get me wrong, I'd be the first to protest a friggin checkpoint into my own neighborhood, but then again, I've never lived in a neighborhood where a police checkpoint is an option.

Finally, just forgive me, and no this doesn't make me racist, but I just blanched (lol) when I found out DC has a white woman as their police chief...and then you got Fenty...go figure..


Citizen Ojo said...

I've seen the Police Chief before and I can tell she has been around black folks for a minute. She is the "Robin Thicke" of law enforcement.

the uppity negro said...

meh...all is well then...