Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It just doesn't pass the smell test Mr. Bond.

I received two letters last week one from the NAACP and the other from an African American woman. The letter from the NAACP requested that I fill out a survey on Race, Gender and Equality. One of the phrases in the letter said "Ultra-Conservative politicians and pundits warning against putting anyone but a white man in the White House." The name signed at the end was Julian Bond, Chairman of the Board. I thought this was quite interesting since he was trying to get votes from the Florida and Michigan delegates counted.

"Refusing to seat the states' delegations could remind voters of the sordid history of racially discriminatory primaries," - Julian Bond

So not seating delegates is the same as black folks not being able to vote? The NAACP just hasn't been the same since Medgar Evers was murdered. The last of the real leaders have left the building and we got stuck with clowns.

The other letter I received said:
“Julian Bond is becoming a disgrace to his race. Did he really march with MLK? He has forgotten what that struggle was about! I heard, in the media, that the letter Julian Bond sent to the Democratic Convention, asking them to include the Florida and Michigan votes, was poorly written and not proofed, in other words, no class. Many years back when I attended an NAACP meeting, I wrote a letter to julian bond asking him to attend our meeting, referring that his status would make a difference. He, or someone in his office wrote me a nasty letter with Julian Bond’s signature stating "I was at the meeting, where were you?" I don’t know of anyone who has ever seen him at one of our meetings. Why did he have to write such an ugly letter? I wrote him off my list then. I believe MLK Jr. would be humiliated by the actions of Julian Bond and Bob Johnson. However, as my grandmother would say "birds of a feather stick together." They are disgraceful characters and Hillary’s too, (referring to case no 304174 in the County of Los Angeles and her campaign tactics) I could care less who these self serving men want to vote for, but don't try to trash a good Black man in doing so.”

Wow!!! Must be an Obama Fan. I guess the point of this post is this: Mr. Bond, what is the real goal of the NAACP? How can you compare delegates (people who already had the right to vote) to people that were fighting for their right to vote? Until you can answer this question, please don't send me any more letters.

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the uppity negro said...

Well, we have this new guy Ben Jealous as the President of the NAACP, but by all reports, he was handpicked by Julian Bond, and they both have some "similarities." Not saying those similiarities automatically make one worse than or less than another, but it's just always interesting to see how and if it plays a factor.

I hate to say it, but people like Bond need to die. It's not unprecendented in many black folks context; the former Hebrew slaves wandered around trying to get to the Promised Land and they had to wait until the old heads died.

I'm waiting...