Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tiger Woods wanted White Women so badly and now he can’t get rid of them.

Oh my….

Tiger Woods should have waited until the heat died down before getting back into the “swing of things.” Between juggling a pissed off wife, a heartbroken concubine and the nosey media who has time for Golf? Apparently a blast from Wood’s past has come back to haunt him. No, it’s not mistress number 508 but an elementary school teacher. I thought Wood’s was getting it in early when I first heard about this but it’s not what it sounds like. Le Tigre’s Kindergarten teacher is calling him out on a statement he made in the past. Wood’s was quoted in a book as saying he learned about Racism by being mistreated by white kids in school. The statement was in a book written by America’s favorite literary scholar Charles Barkley.

The statement in Barkley’s book,”Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man” went like this –

"A group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word 'n----' on me, and threw rocks at me, that was my first day of school. And the teacher really didn't do much of anything."

Wood’s teacher has taken issue with the way the story was told and she wants to set the record straight. And she has brought a friend with her to help get the word out. America’s favorite Feminist Attorney at Law, Gloria Allred is on the case. If you know anything about Allred, you know that Wood’s will need a spatchula to scoop up his balls when she gets through with him.

Don’t forget that Allred already has Wood’s alleged mistress Joslyn James as a client. The same Joslyn James that claims Wood’s got her pregnant not once but twice. The same Joslyn James that starred in the film Big Breasted Nurses (if you are wondering – no this didn’t make it to your local theater). But while the old school teacher is making power moves, his former fickle flames are still in play. His number 1 ranked mistress Rachel Uchitel got a gig working for the television show Extra as a special correspondent (I guess people don’t have a reason to be mad about Luke Russert’s special correspondent gig at NBC now). And a new Vanity Fair article has some of Wood’s jump-off’s telling tales out of school. You have stories of Wood’s being cheap with his women (Subway dude? Really? Golden Corral at least gives you options!!). You have stories of Wood’s expensive shopping sprees with a certain woman (what did she have that the others didn’t – no fair!!). It’s a regular tale of two cities. I would yell for the real Tiger Woods to stand up but he probably doesn’t even know who he is. It’s so sad that Wood’s yearned for love an acceptance from the same women that are now trying to shame him.


Freckles said...

I have done my best not make any comments about Mr. Woods but since this your piece of space, I will use this as my place to say something. After all you are one of my favorites (wink wink).

I am sick and tired of this shit. I am so over it. The media has a way od building a person up to tear them the eff down. He is a man, not saying that all men cheat but he is human. We all make errors. As for Tiger, he didnt play htem broads right nor did he know how to pick them. He should of at least done an upgrade. AS for them broads, it is rather amusing to me that they all seem to have so much to say about him when they were all the side joints. He wasnt really trying to be with you so why wine and dine when not neccessary. Yeah, ho you get subway and I will take some head with that. Im just saying.

As for Ms. Alllred - CANT STAND HER!!! She always manages to get in where she fits in. UGH! This teacher chick has really got her nerve. Sir Barkley's book has been out and I am amazed that she has taken the time to fault Tiger for what is in another's book. Damn lady, you aint got nothing better to do with yourself and how can you afford Ms. Allred anyhow? I am so over folks coming out of the air with something for nothing. Ho sit down.

Ok, My name is Freckles and I approve this comment. LOL!!!

I have really missed you.

Citizen Ojo said...
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Citizen Ojo said...

Freckles - I'm your favorite!!! That's what I'm talking about!!! All that kissing up that I was doing paid off..ha ha ha! (boy I got jokes) I really missed you too. Glad to see you back in the game..

Yeah I want to leave this dude alone but something about him just disturbs me. Tiger only giving chicks Subway is classic though. Allred seems to rub alot of people wrong. I wonder is it because of the feminism or the perceived opportunistic way she goes about her business. I might have to let Tiger go and go in on someone else. Michael Steele is so pitiful now that it's not even fun anymore. Oh well everyday brings a new fool.

Nik said...

Some of the men on t.v. talking about how disgusted they are by Woods' actions are just as guilty. Might not be guilty in numbers, but guilty nonetheless.

I don't feel sorry for Tiger, something about him never sat well with me either. He obviously has more than sex addiction issues.

Freckles said...

Yes sweetie you are my f a v o r i t e... (in my sexy voice) LOL!

The fact that he has not come to terms with himself is probably what disturbs you. He is not all that confident as a man (in his own skin). He is not much of anything outside of golf. No real personality. no real charisma. He is rather one note or flat so to speak. So, for this to pop off as it did, people see him and recognize that the ideal created of him is not what they had made up. They didnt know any better so they are crushed. In return, they keep these broads heavily circulated. Who really cares about them and nor is it really about them.

It's all rather sad.

Citizen Ojo said...

Nik - Yeah, don't you believe it when you hear guys criticizing other dudes for cheating. They are covering something up. This fake moral outrage is foolish. We just don't know their dirty laundry yet..

Freckles - Alright now.. you are making my blog blush!! Yes I am disturbed because he doesn't know himself. How do you call yourself a man and you don't acknowledge the things that make you who you are?

Reggie said...

Ain't that the truth?!?