Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Local N.C. Politician Nick Mackey is accused of pulling a Wesley Snipes.

Black folks, please stop believing the hype about skipping out on your taxes. If Al Capone couldn’t escape the tax man, what makes “us” think we can do it? The N.C. State Bar accused State Representative Nick Mackey of “criminal acts” for failing to file 4 years of state and federal income tax returns. Mackey, one of the media’s favorite punching bags, has been in trouble before. He ran for Sheriff of Mecklenburg County and actually made it. He was Sheriff-Elect for a hot minute but then his past caught up to him. As usual the Sheriff election turned into a racial situation. Some black folks felt that “The MAN” was trying to stop Mackey from being the first black Sheriff. White folks said that Mackey was a shady character. Well I’m sure that some white folks didn’t want a black sheriff (what else is new). But Mackey ran a horrible PR campaign. This clown didn’t even want to tell the press if he was married or not!! His response to that was "I never imagined that any of that stuff would be relevant. Whether or not I'm married or if I have children; I just don't see where that is relevant. My wife's name? I mean, what's the purpose of that?” 1st Lady Michelle Obama would have hit President Barack Obama with a rolling pin if he said that. If Black Politicians are going to play the game, they better learn the rules.

Click here for the seven page bar complaint.

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