Thursday, August 20, 2009

Even Hitler would be offended

Apparently Adolf Hitler is more famous in death than when he lived. He probably wouldn’t mind the current shout outs…..well except for being compared to a black man.

Hitler was a fierce supporter of Aryan Superiority (aka….white folks only). I’m sure when Jesse Cleveland Owens was burning rubber at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin it didn’t sit well with Hitler. So it’s a pretty safe assessment to say he wouldn’t like being compared to a half black/half white dude that is President of the United States. On the flip side, a man that has a white mother and a black father definitely doesn’t want to be compared to a Nazi. But here we are again at the crossroads of Race in America.

This foolishness at these Town Hall meetings has nothing to do with Healthcare. Fellow Blogger and Fraternity Brother Max Reddick hit the nail on the head. His blog post was called An American History Lesson for White Folks. It involved the separation of different people (i.e. black and white) with equal interests (survival). Their late 1800’s partnership was thwarted or better yet manipulated by the Rich and Powerful. The special ingredient they used back then to throw a black eye in the game was RACE. Well from the 1800’s to 2009……..I can hear Chuck D in the background saying “here we go again!!!”

When President George W. Bush was running things, people didn’t come with guns to hear him speak. The only thing he had to worry about was dodging a loafer. President Obama’s Security Detail needs a Security Detail to protect them. The Republicans have a vested interest in Obama failing. The Racists have a vested interest in Obama failing. The Lobbyists have a vested interest in Obama failing. Insurance and Healthcare Companies have a vested interest in Obama failing. Politicians that are taking money from Healthcare Companies have a vested interest in Obama failing. In the rush to playa hate on the First Black President, the working class will be the ones that suffer. The people that use the emergency room as primary care will suffer. The people that can’t afford to stay in their homes because they are up to their neck in medical bills will suffer. People are complaining about how we will get the money for a public option but they weren’t complaining when we went to war based on sketchy photos. So when the Rich and Powerful need to push their agenda they use the Race Card. Oh my bad…’s not the Race Card in Post Racial America…it’s the Socialism Card.

Every time you turn on your television someone is using the word Socialist. I keep waiting for the corpse of Senator Joseph McCarthy to pop up for his 15 minutes of fame. But instead of Benito Mussolini (sorry Benny but Fascism isn’t vogue) we get some woman yelling Heil Hitler (Video Below). To make Obama look like a monster you call him Hitler. It’s that extra pop and sizzle. You already got the socialism angle working to scare people to death. So why not compare the person you hate the most to a monster. Joseph Stalin is too tame for this one so why not use the man that ordered the Holocaust. YES!!! Obama is going to rule America with an Iron Fist. I can see it right now….illegal wire taps, arresting people with no evidence….um, wait a minute that sounds familiar!!! The people that are against healthcare reform are supporting the racist rhetoric in order to accomplish their goals. In the end, they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Maybe Obama gets killed in the process who knows??

I’ve never met Hitler before in my life but he can’t be all too happy to be involved in this mess. Using Hitler as a prop in order to keep Grandma from her pills is shameless. For the last time – Hitler doesn’t care whether or not we have healthcare. If he had his way, America would have the same kind of Healthcare as Germany (a multi-payer health insurance - also known as - Public “statutory funds” and Private Healthcare – also known as – A CHOICE!!!!). Is it possible to put Hitler back in his grave or is the Nazi out of the bag? Let me know what you think?

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