Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Give the woman a break….she just needed a Hot Totty before bedtime!!!

"She feels like a football being kicked around, she's so exhausted and unhappy with the delay. She would prefer to just receive the six strokes and have everything finished."

~ Shukarno Abdul Muttalib, Kartika’s Father

32 year old Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was about to get her tail whooped!!! Kartika was going to get her buttocks beat because she was caught with alcohol in a night club at a beach resort. Let’s review my notes thus far.

Woman in a night club (check)

Woman in a night club drinking alcohol (check)

Woman in a night club at the beach (check)

It all sounds good to me so what’s the problem? The problem: she was caught drinking alcohol in a night club in Malaysia. Alcohol use is not prohibited for Malaysia’s Muslims who make up two-thirds of Malaysia’s population. Muslims that are caught sipping can be fined or thrown in jail. Don’t feel bad for everyone in Malaysia’s because non-Muslims can get their drink on. Kartika, the mother of 2 children (possible explanation for the sippy sip), was scheduled to receive 6 lashes from a rattan cane. The Prosecution did care enough that they were going to use a lighter cane because she was a woman (who said Muslims were sexist?). The beating stoppage is only because of the holy month of Ramadan. Basically they are going to get that tail one way or another.

If you come from a family where you were beaten with different household objects, being caned with a thin bamboo stick doesn’t sound that bad. But if you were sent to your room for time out this sounds horrible. It’s all about perspective!!!

To Kartika’s credit, she accepted responsibility and was going to take here licks. Many American’s are against this form of capital punishment. We live in a country that promotes sloppy drunken women early and often. That’s how a lot of guys meet girls in our beloved country (possible place - on the set of Girls Gone Wild). When a girl wears beer goggles all guys look like Brad Pitt or Will Smith. Some dudes would still be virgins without help from alcohol. So the next time you are at the bar raise up a glass for Kartika. If you are in the hood, poor out some liquor for Kartika. If you are at a fancy function throw your glasses in the fire place (I don’t know if they really do that but it sounds good to me).

I personally don’t drink but I can do my part as well. Kartika, the next time I am drinking Sprite and eating bar nuts I will think about you. I will raise my bowl of nuts in solidarity with your struggle.


Citizen Ojo said...

OneChele - You are really classy. I come from people that drank moonshine. We carry liquor and guns in the trunk of our cars. Both for emergency purposes.

So it's safe to say your dad don't play???

msladyDeborah said...


I want to say something about this..I am just so stunned by the idea of being punished for having a drink as a female due to my spiritual beliefs.