Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What it must be like to be a non-threatening black man walking around with an assault rifle.

"Chris' message was very simple, at some point there will be resistance. He wasn't shy about it. He's just young and opinionated. I didn't consider him a threat to anyone. He represents a generation that wants to make it clear you can only enslave them so much before there's resistance."

~Ernest Hancock, publisher of Freedom's Phoenix

When I heard there was an armed black man around white folks and they weren’t scared I knew it was a set up. In reality it was Another African American Male going out like a sucker. So we all know the story by now, this black dude who goes by the name “Chris” showed up at a Presidential Event in Arizona. Apparently in Arizona you can walk around like Rambo in First Blood, First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. So once again, people decided to come to an Obama event with gat in hand. This has become the new thing to do when Obama comes to town. Bring out the guns, some protest signs and a lemonade stand (the lemonade stand is still being confirmed). At first I thought we were talking about healthcare but I guess I was mistaken. When Insurance Companies told Grandma they couldn’t sign off on the experimental surgery to take out her lead poisoning, they must have been talking about the lead from bullets. But I digress….

So this dude “Chris” (how original – Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, LudaCRIS) was walking around looking like he just got off work from Cisco Systems Inc. If he was going for a fashionable look, his assault rifle did match his glasses. When they were interviewing him, he sounded like the biggest Goober this side of the Mississippi. ***Bells And Whistles*** A set up is coming around the corner!!! The person interviewing him, Ernest Hancock, publisher of Freedom’s Phoenix, staged the whole event. The good folks at Freedom’s Phoenix pride themselves on being a Libertarian Organization. They decided to interview “Chris” to prove a point. Well at 12:27am Wednesday Morning I am still waiting for them to make their point. President Obama was in Arizona to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars about improving their benefits. So why were there people outside with guns??? Maybe “Chris” knows the reason. Oh wait… his handlers have him hiding out somewhere. They say he won’t talk to the media because “he doesn’t trust them”.

This Green Mile Negro is being pimped up and ho’d out. He thinks he is part of something big that is going to change America. He thinks they are going to “teach” Obama and the Democrats a lesson and pin the tail on the donkey. Someone should tell “Chris” to get in line to beef on Obama because it goes around the glock…….oops I mean block.


diva2damax said...

That is a mess. It seems there is always a "coon" somewhere around to be a part of some ole mess. Go home and fry some chicken and eat a watermelon. He's just as bad a some of that mess we see on BET. Shame on you "Chris."

RiPPa said...

Damn good post man. You had me crackin' up over here. Yeah, the sad thing is that "Chris" doesn't know he's being pimped. But hey, that's to be expected when you're a Black dude who supports a racist like Ron Paul.

Citizen Ojo said...

Diva2DaMax - The question I keep asking is where do they get these people?

Rippa - Thanks man, that Ron Paul crowd is something else. If they get some real power they might be dangerous.