Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We went from being the "N" word to being Nazis. The American Education System fails again…

Democratic Congressman David Scott has had a rough go of late. The Republicans have hung the healthcare debate around his neck like a yoke on an ox. Congressman Scott attempted to have a town hall meeting regarding a topic other than healthcare. Too bad for him!!! He ended up being portrayed as “another crazy black man” on the news. This healthcare debate…or debacle could have been avoided with a better White House PR plan. Between the Blue Dog Democrats, the Republicans, the Insurance Companies, the Pharmaceutical Companies and the Media this has been a set up from the beginning. None of these individuals have any interest in a quality healthcare system for all Americans. The current healthcare system is a cash cow for most of the individuals above. And they can’t walk away from that kind of money without a fight. So for the past month we have been mislead by a Anti Healthcare PR Campaign. Town hall meetings have turned into shouting matches where American’s argue over false information.

“I heard Obama wants the elderly to give their organs to illegal aliens when they die.”

So Congressman Scott has been a recent recipient of the backlash. The Swastika is the latest accessory for any liberal/socialist that wants healthcare or equality for minorities. You put a Swastika on a politicians sign and send them hate mail and abracadabra: they become Socialists. What I don’t understand is why does the Black Man have to be a Nazi? To compare a black man to Adolf Hitler is ridiculous. This healthcare debacle has brought out every crazy nut in America. People are actually fighting against their own self interests in order to keep a Black Man from being “successful”. I heard an ignorant white man on NPR last week talking about the healthcare plan. He basically said that minorities would get more money from the healthcare plan? Really??? These ignorant white folks are making it bad for the intelligent white folks. Let’s be real people!! If white folks are losing, who is winning? It sure ain’t black folks because we are looking at double digit unemployment rates. Today a man showed up at the President’s town hall meeting with a gun strapped to his leg. People this is Madness!!! If a black man gets this reaction as President, I would hate to see what response a Latino would get? To all these nimrods out here, please stop comparing black folks to the 3rd Reich. My people were the ones that were persecuted. You would know that if you knew your history…oops I forgot. They don’t teach “Real” American History in our schools.


Debo Blue said...

Whether this healthcare reform becomes a race-incited blemish on the President's drive, I don't care.

All I know is that when it came time to provide my father health resources after his stroke we had to fight for the simplest thing or they would reduce his social security checks.

Seeing your parents go through all of that, just like the President had to do is heart breaking even now Citizen. He's been gone nine years.

If we don't do anything now, when? If not us, who?

Citizen Ojo said...

I do believe that we need reform but it won't happen with negotiation. But how do you deal with people that fight against their own best interest???

ActsofFaithBlog said...

Hey this health care plan is a MESS! If the Democrats betray Obama like I think they will and derail the whole process Obama is toast. Hillary will run for sure. I know everyone's focusing on the Republicans but they're just one half of the equation. The corporate media is mucking this up by giving them so much free air time as well. Obama didn't make the best choices for whom he's chosen to align himself with. He has very little control of things. Ignore those non-loyal Democrats in the name only to one's peril.

Citizen Ojo said...

Acts of Faith - You have made 2 really good points.

1. Yes the Dems have a habit about shooting themselves in the foot. They have not learned from their counterparts to shut up and take one for the team.

2. Yes Obama has some suspect characters on his team. I knew things were shaky when he had a secretary of education without a BA, MA or PH.D in education.