Thursday, February 05, 2009

So what does your resume look like?

After a 99 day stay in prison, embattled former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is back on the streets. But it wasn’t a long homecoming because he was on his way to Texas. Apparently his family has left Michigan and they are starting over in Texas. The location however is undisclosed. What? Is it Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, Houston….what is the big secret!!! I lived in Abilene for a minute so I know a little something about Texas. It’s a huge state so the Kilpatrick’s could be anywhere. Don’t worry though because we can find them by process of elimination. We know that they lived in Detroit (a plethora of black folks) so they probably didn’t stray too far from home. It would be hard for them to leave Detroit and then live in West Texas. I am guessing they are living near Dallas or Houston.

Mayor…..uh….that dude Kwame already has an interview lined up. He never really needed my help. He still has his supporters in Detroit who stand by him. When he was being released people were shouting “We love you, Kwame. Detroit loves you baby!” What idiots would say something like that? Mayor….er….that guy Kwame wasn’t in jail for Freedom Fighting. This guy had his law license revoked and he still has to pay $1 million dollars in restitution to Detroit. Some black folks will never get it. When a black politician keeps money in his freezer….(they say: he’s just keeping it safe from bank foreclosures). When a black politician is caught with a stripper…(they say: he’s just helping her get home). Ah whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do feel the need to give him one piece of important advice. Dude, get rid of that beard. Didn’t Eddie Murphy look clean coming out of jail in 48 Hours? Take a hint guy!!!!

On the flip side: Kwame Kilpatrick’s former top aide, Christine Beatty, must pay $100,000 to Detroit plus jail time. At last reported Beatty had "$6 and some change in her bank account, per her attorney.


Anonymous said...


Maybe it's a midwest thing because folks was out on 26th and California faithfully in front of Cook County Criminal courts chanting "We Love you R. Kelly!"

But, why is Kwame giving me Marvin Gaye?!?!


Citizen Ojo said...

What's up with the midwest and supporting crooked black folks?