Thursday, February 12, 2009

Classism: One of the Oldest Dirtiest games ever played.

Unemployed and Homeless Henrietta Hughes, told Obama her plight at a town hall meeting yesterday in Florida. She was living in a car with her unemployed son. He had lost his job and they eventually lost their home ( know how the New American story goes). Conservative Pundit Michelle Malkin suggested that President Obama set the encounter up. The first thing that Malkin needs to do is call Keith Olbermann. The picture of her that he uses needs to be replaced. In the picture she looks like a rat. She is one of the few Republican minority attack dogs. Not dog in the sense that she looks like a dog because she doesn’t but you know what I mean. But in that picture on Olbermann’s show she looks like a rat or maybe a ferret. She really needs to get that picture changed. I don’t know what she has against Henrietta Hughes. Maybe Hughes is homeless and maybe she isn’t. What we do know for sure is that Joe isn’t a plumber. The Republicans have been milking him like a cow at the country fair. This guy reminds me of hemorrhoids. Like super hemorrhoids that won’t come off with ointments. The Republicans spent the whole 2008 election talking about how they wanted to help the “common folk”. Now they are spending 2009 dissing them. Oh what a difference a year makes.

Bernard Madoff is at home chillin after pulling off the greatest ponzi scheme in the history of America. If I steal a candy bar, I will probably get 20 years. As complicated as a ponzi scheme is, Madoff would like for us to believe he was running the scam by himself. Yesterday we learned that Mrs. Madoff cashed 15 million dollars out of her husband’s brokerage firm before he was arrested. If you see Citizen Wifey pulling out all our money from the bank, you call me because either we a leaving town or she is leaving me. But Mrs. Madoff didn’t leave her husband. So what does that mean? I smell a family hustle going on. I wonder if the money is in the family flour jar. I am still trying to figure out why he isn’t in jail. It’s not because the judge overseeing Madoff’s investment firms liquidation was arrested. Apparently the guy beat his wife because she came home late. He apparently has some absence issues. So here we are waiting for the beginning of his criminal fraud case to begin. The man is an economic threat and he still runs free. This is another case of the wealthy and well connected getting over again.

My job just announced that they would not be giving bonuses this year. But don’t think for a moment that the CEO is taking a cut in pay. The low man on the totem pole always gets screwed. That’s the way our society is. This is why some people are so afraid of the government getting rid of capitalism. Under capitalism anything goes. The rich can continue their gluttony and lust. Meanwhile the rest of us “common folk” have to fork out money to failing banks. We have to keep working for companies that don’t give us bonuses. And watch wealthy pundits argue on t.v. that we don’t need a stimulus package. We always had classism in America but this is a whole new level.


Ben Hernandez said...

Here, here! Whether Hughes' presence at the rally was staged or not, doesn't change the fact that regular folks are in serious need. If anything, it highlighted that issue. Everyone complains and groans about the stimulus package,well, then come up with something to help. Don't just stand there bitching, grab a shovel and start working!

I don't appreciate blogger-lady referencing biblical occurrences to describe people's hope in a new administration; using mocking language in attempt to be heard. And the whole "Pork and Kool-Aid" thing...Gimme a break!

Citizen Ojo said...


It's a dirty game. The Bank Bail Out and The Stimulus Package are perfect examples of class issues in America.