Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tom Daschle out - Kwame Kilpatrick in…………..sike!!! I'm just playing.

Has a teacher in your elementary school ever been arrested for being a pedophile? Yes, No, Maybe? This is one of the reasons for a background check. Lately it seems that the Obama Administration has been lazy in their background checks. Nancy Killefer, who was selected for the position of chief performance officer, has also resigned because of tax issues.

It reminds me of when I applied to McDonalds back in the day……………..

Is articulate (check)

Looks clean (check)

Can read and write (check).

Why are these people popping up with Tax Issues? This proves my theory that everyone is not paying taxes. I always knew someone was getting over but I couldn't put a face on them. I knew it wasn't anyone that looked like me. Everyone I know pays taxes, except for Wesley Snipes, because they are afraid of going to jail (except for Wesley Snipes). President Obama has to make sure his people do a better job in their searches. Stop looking for children and dead strippers and follow the money.


the uppity negro said...

Well, it almost stands to reason that more people than we think don't pay taxes. I mean who sits around and talks about their taxes aside from the occassional "Oh, I got my refund check."

That being said, I'm sure the IRS has individual databases, but I'm sure there is some semblance of a database with social security numbers that's nationwide and is CLEARLY upwards of 300,000,000. It would figure that a LOT of people could slip under the radar.

Citizen Ojo said...

This proves that there are two rules for people paying taxes. It seems like only the "wealthy and connected" people are slipping under the radar.