Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forget about Black Folks being slighted…who was the dummy that asked Obama about A-Rod?

We are in a financial crisis of biblical proportion and a reporter wants to know what President Obama thinks about A-Rod? Black folks, is that the best question we can ask? Are you kidding me!!! We complain about not getting the opportunity to ask the big questions. And the first time we do……………………………....A-Fraud? This whole black press corps thing is getting out of control. Why can’t someone get President Obama and the National Association of Black Journalists in a room together so they can hug it out? The next time a black reporter asks President Obama a question, I hope it’s not “what do you think about the Wu-Tang Reunion?”

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Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't a black reporter who asked that question--but still I was kind of hoping he was going to shut that ish DOWNE all the way. Seriously, if I had been Obama, I wouldn't have answered that question. And even if I did, it have been short and to the point. and been one sentence that said "He was wrong. He shouldn't have done it," and then walked the hell off.