Thursday, February 19, 2009

What does apeish behavior have to do with the stimulus package?

~Gregory Moore, Columnist for the San Antonio Informer

Before I’m placed into the “black bogeyman to white America” category along with Rev. Al. Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. I have to be honest with you for a moment. Sometimes “some” black folks blame all their dilemmas on racism. You can’t blame “The Man” for your woman catching you cheating. “If the White Man didn’t mess up the economy I would still have my job which means I would have been at work instead of home having sex with Keisha.” It just doesn’t work like that. But there are times when things are done and said that reek of Racism.
The NY Post apparently has a beef with Obama. I’m shocked and surprised because Rupert Murdoch is the owner of the NY Post and Fox News (sike!!). We all know how Fair and Balanced Fox News is. Apparently cartoonist Sean Delonas thought that his editorial cartoon featuring a dead monkey was going to be a big hit. It involved two policemen, one with a smoking gun, looking at a dead monkey. One policeman says to the other, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.” I guess it was one of those “you had to be in the room when he was drawing it” kind of joke. The cartoon took reference to that humongous chimpanzee that was shot in Connecticut.

By the way – why would you own a 200 pound monkey??? I’m pushing around 195 and I need to lose weight. Whatever happened to people having a fish tank? Oh that’s right; they have Sharks in those fish tanks now.

Anyway….I’ve been seeing a lot of editorial cartoons with President Obama lately.

His ears are big (okay they are).

His lips are big and purple (hold on one minute) big and purple?

Did the cartoon Obama just get through smoking a black and mild? Is this a case of black folks overreacting or are the excessive features of black men being drawn for laughs? Now we throw a monkey in the mix and it starts to stink. The image of a monkey has always been associated with black folks (particularly black boys and men) by racists. Coincidence!! Really, because I’m trying to find out what King Kong has to do with the stimulus package?

Apparently Sean Delonas has a history of having his cartoons criticized. He portrayed WNBC-TV anchor Sue Simmons as a drunk. I don’t know if she is a drunk or not but she has a mouth on her (listen here).

The NY Post Editor-in Chief, Col Allan, has said that the cartoon was a parody of a current news event. Saying, “It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy.” This is the part where someone usually says WTF?? But this is a family friendly Blog (wink wink – hi mom!!). The reasoning behind this cartoon and the lack of a credible defense proves that this was made in bad judgment.

I know that racism is alive and well. The concept or notion of a post racial America is as far-fetched as a horse with wings. Everyone was not going to be happy with the new president. President Obama only had 41% of white men and 46% of white women that voted for him. Post racial would have given him over 90% at least.

This is the time that people of all races need to be vigilante. We need to call out organizations and institutions that promote and endorse racist behavior. We might not be a post racial society but actions like these are ugly and have no place in our modern society. This type of tabloid journalism is beneath a so called "true” news organization.


Anonymous said...

As Americans, we should all be up in arms. If we're going to change and preach change, we need to let the Post know and boycott the paper. It's wrong! And, it's always people or organizations who have done the wrong, that never see wrong.

the uppity negro said...

Eric Holder was right.

And Jeff Johnson needs to get a real job, lol.

uglyblackjohn said...

AS soon as people see Sharpton, the conversation ends.
The man does more harm than good.
(Even when he's right.)

Ben Hernandez said...

There were several levels of reaction I experienced when I read the cartoon. I agree with UBJ, that initially when I saw Al Sharpton was spearheading protests, I started reading the book by it's cover, so to speak. I think Al Sharpton just rubs people the wrong way. I've done a little reading about him--he's no saint. But at the same time I understand the need for a leader to stop and shout, "Wait, something's wrong here!"

So I read the cartoon and for a split second thought, people are making a big deal over nothing. Clearly the cartoon refers to the recent chimp shooting and the lack of Republican support for the bill, as if a chimp were left at the controls and everything was going hay-wire.

That was only a split second. I looked at the cartoon a second was kind of graphic, with the smoking gun and the bullet-riddled chimp body. Then I thought of the racist references. I'm amazed that someone, either the artist or an editor at the newspaper didn't step back and say,"Ok, Delones, I understand what you're trying to say, but this might cause some problems."

I completely understand the need for a cartoon to be edgy, but Obama in the White House has kind of changed the rules of the game and that's good. They needed to be changed. We all know that Obama didn't think up the stimulus bill all by himself. He had a whole team of legislators helping, but he is the one who signs it. It's the "Obama Administration". There were so many people who said they hated George W, but he alone didn't mess everything up. He had a cabinet and legislators to answer to. But the anger and frustrations all fell on him.

In the same way, a cartoon like this, even though it supposedly points to all legislators who created the bill, ultimately focuses on Barack Obama. That's the thing, we don't always have to be edgy to the point where it makes people's stomachs turn. There's enough of that in our society without publishing cartoons about it.

I think people SHOULD boycott the paper, because ultimately all these Sharpton interviews and interviews with prominent black leaders is just giving the paper more publicity. Like they say, "Bad publicity is still good publicity". Money is the thing these entities answer to, unfortunately. And if there is no money coming in, you better believe they'll think twice about doing something like this again.

I dig your post C.O. Thought provoking as always. sorry my comment was so long.


Anonymous said...

it's only going to get worse. i think that we are seeing tips of deeper and larger icebergs. if we think Bush had a hard time - and was ridiculed, wait until the more racist of white folks come out, ON TV, on RADIO, on NEWSPAPER, on MAGAZINE...... on BUMPER STICKER, on TSHIRTS.... they have NO SHAME in their game, though they should be shamed.

Citizen Ojo said...


I appreciate your honesty. I can understand that at your first look you might not have thought it was racist. The justification for the cartoon has been lacking plus the history of african americans and the monkey imagery just made for a bad scene. I like the older Sharpton better than the "track suit" Sharpton. There are people out here who need his type of activism (you would be suprised). Ben, all size comments are welcomed worries.