Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tell NAFTA to put down my Spicy Chicken Sandwich

On Monday, we received news that 65,000 job were slashed. I’ve been predicting that 2009 would be a bad year. I knew things were bad but we are getting near the bottom. Jack in the Box, a fast food restaurant, has been out sourcing their drive-thru since mid 2008. How do you out-source a drive thru? I know the company was trying to be more efficient but is this how?

When I call about my Credit Card I have to talk to someone in India. Is this what will happen when I want a milkshake? How many more jobs are we going to lose? These aren’t high paying jobs to begin with. We have given away the store in this country. In an effort to have bigger and cheaper for faster, we have let other countries control our fate. I don’t know of anything that is made in America anymore. I live in North Carolina, formally a Mecca for buying Furniture, and my coffee table came from England. I thought some guy would go to Asheville and cut a tree down. I ended up waiting for the slow boat to bring the table. What if the boat had of sunk? Then my coffee table would be with Davey Jones Locker. I don’t mind toys from Taiwan, but can’t we have toys from Tennessee as well? The Germans and the Japanese have already strong armed us in the car game. Don’t get me wrong because Honda makes nice cars. America use to be known as a nation that built things. Our manufacturing was the backbone of this country. Now I can’t even get a chair from down the street.

I know how Corporations work. Today they will take orders in the U.S. Tomorrow they will be taking orders from Indonesia. Corporations work by one rule. Make a lot using less. It’s the new American cost of doing business. But if I go to Taco Bell and this happens………………………..


dg said...

if the rich are going to get richer, then they should use those riches to employ people.

what normally happens, however, is that they give their money to other rich people to get "high returns" on their investment... rarely does the money actually get down to PEOPLE... rarely do JOBS get created... and if so, it's never in direct proportion to the riches that were made.

you see, the stock market goes down, and so corporations start shedding jobs. But the money didn't "disappear"!!! People sold their stocks and they are NOW sitting on that cash!!!! RICH PEOPLE HAVE THEIR MONEY!!! Stocks don't just go down by themselves. Rich people SOLD THEIR STOCKS, and are now just deciding WHEN they are going to begin investing again.

All I'm suggesting, is that when you do free up cash, USE IT to employ people. Herein, if people (rich people) lived by 'my proposal' (my proposed "code for economic ethics")... IF rich people abided by my 'code of ethics', NOW WOULD BE THE BEST TIME TO GET A JOB, cuz so many rich people are sitting on cash (versus shares of companies in the form of "stocks").... cash that can be used for real job creation (verus layoffs).

Again, NOW SHOULD BE THE BEST TIME TO GET A JOB!!! But b/c the people who SOLD their stocks over the past 2 years don't want to create REAL OPPORTUNITIES for people, they just let their money SIT in their offshore bank accounts. No community investment. No employment opportunities. No job creation. No philanthropy. Just greed and destruction.

The problem is that people don't "WANT" to create these real opp's. So what do we do.

We must ONLY support entrepeneurs and business owners who WANT to commit themselves to investing into the people and communities. For example, there is NO REASON why each of the Walton's need to be worth $20 billion dollars!!!! Each of them need to find some way to create jobs, using 5-10 Billion of their net worth. But hey, that's just not going to happen. Instead, just greed and destruction.

(well, I guess you see what I want to do with my life)

Ben Hernandez said...

That's crazy! I just read the Observer article. C'mon! You're right, the jobs are already low-paying to begin with.