Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Incredulous Credentials of Roland W. Burris

“Members of the media, my name is Roland Burris, the junior senator from the State of Illinois.” – (Would Be/Could Be) Senator Roland Burris
I wonder what would make a man want to take a job where he has to hustle backwards from the beginning. I have heard of black folks getting banned from the job but not on the first day.
Maybe/I think/Pretty Sure Senator Roland Burris was rejected from entering the first session of the 111th Congress. It was all due to his paperwork not having the proper signature from the Illinois secretary of state. The secretary of state Jesse White, who is a black man, will not sign because of the Governor Blagojevich investigation. Burris looked as lost as the Obama children on their first day of school. This act to ban him has been in the works for awhile. His real concern should be if Blagojevich signed off on his direct deposit.
Burris appears to have a very high opinion of himself and feels that he is more than qualified for the job. I saw pictures of his future memorial in Oak Woods Cemetery on Chicago's South Side. I was hoping this was a joke but it appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. This guy’s tombstone is huge!!!! It looks like something the Pharaohs would have built. Looking at the monstrosity I am wondering how many Egyptian slaves died in making this thing. When you watch Burris work the cameras, you have to admit he is enjoying the national spotlight. During the past decade, Burris has lost 5 races for Mayor, Governor’s office, and the State Senate. His key selling point is that he was never beat by a Republican. That essentially means that he never made it out of the primary race. So he was not capable of making it out of the primary and was blown out by Richard Daley for Mayor. Is this really the right guy to replace President Elect Barack Obama? Citizen Wifey said that people shouldn’t be so hard on the man. She said you should never tell someone that they can’t win. She then started quoting Aliya’s song “Try Again”. Well I’m a half glass kind of person so I am looking at his track record. HE CAN”T WIN RE-ELECTION.
I don’t have any personal issues with Burris. He reminds me of the guy that stumbles into a taping of a game show and then becomes a contestant. If you had lost 5 consecutive races for political office, and someone hands you this GEM….you would take it too!!! We all know what Blago’s roll in this is but he is not the only Schemer involved.
Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald started all of this by acting like McNulty on “The Wire”. He was working Blago’s phones mining for nuggets of information and got the mother load.
He has two major problems with his case.
1) He did not set a trap for Blago with bait. Everyone from Miami Vice to Mike Hammer knows that you have to set a trap for the bad guys.
2) He did not wait for Blago to take the trap with the bait. He was too quick when he pounced on this. He should have let Blago meet a person (i.e. informant) and then transact business. He probably never watched the Marion Berry tape. Marion Berry was in the hotel to meet an acquaintance (i.e. informant) and a transaction took place. The transaction was really just him smoking a crack pipe but you get the point.

Now Fitzgerald is saying he needs time to put his case together. What??? He needs to go watch some old episodes of Perry Mason asap!!!
The Democrats don’t have clean hands either. The verdict is still out on Senator Harry Reid. Maybe he does or doesn’t want a black person in Obama’s old seat. He had a conversation with Blago and I want to know what was discussed. I believe the seat should go to a qualified (as much as you can be these days) person regardless of color. But if Reid was against a black person becoming Senator PERIOD, we have got issues.
I am currently in the process of changing my political party from Democrat to Independent. It took me all of 34 years (yeah I’m slow) to figure out that Democrats are just as racist as Republicans. Democrats in Appalachia and Manhattan don’t have a problem with a black being congressmen or mayor of a majority black city. But if they want to be the President of the United States, that’s when black folks want too much. This is the same party that played dumb during the Bush Reign and let him walk all over the constitution. Congressman Bobby “I’m back in Black Panther mode” Rush is the worst. He basically called Obama a “Tom” when they were previously running against each other in Chicago. Now he is the poster child for Black Brotherhood? I guess we just pick and chose what black folks we want to support. What a clown!!!! Burris is not going to become the next martyr for civil rights. They tried to give that to the Jena 6 kids and that is turning out badly. If Rush wants to weed out the racists, he needs to start with the people that were involved in the Clinton Presidential Campaign.
I’m not a legal expert so I don’t know if Burris will ever be seated. I do know one thing. His journey here has been paved with a lot of foolishness. I’m sure he will relish his time in the spotlight. Also he will eventually become a footnote in the pages of history. Before all of this happens though, I want him to do one thing. Check to see if Blagojevich signed off on his direct deposit. It’s not his fault they won’t let him work but a Brother still has to get paid.


Debo Blue said...

When I first saw Burris standing next to Blago I wondered why anyone would willingly submit to the sure to come media and legal circus.

Then I began to read more about him and even though Mrs.Citizen is channeling Aaliyah, I'm wondering how much of his children's inheritance was given to Blago for that seat.

You're leaving the Democratic party? You think the Independents are that much different?

We'll have to exchange notes.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for sounding off, but apparently the national media has painted Burris as a complete fool.

I've yet to meet, or hear someone from Chicago call in on Al Sharpton or the other local black talk stations who does not support Burris.

I GUARANTEE you, Burris is the best man for the job. He is a humble man. And clearly, just based on what you wrote CO, the national news media is doing a horrible job.

Okay, so he ran for Mayor and Governor and didn't run. Here's why:

He was always running against Mayor Richard Daley and like THREE other black folk--so of course the black vote got split. That's the only reason Harrold Washington won the Democratic primary in 1983--then Cook County State's Attorney Richard Daley and incumbent Jane Byrne split the white vote.

Secondly, Roland Burris was Illinois Comptroller from the 70's until 1994 when he was elected Attorney General for the state of Illinois.

The guy is totally electable and I dare say re-electable. I mean, honestly, Virginians keep electing Robert Byrd. His hands are clean and always have been which makes him the best pick. And at the end of the day, I would like to have two Senators, not just one.

Citizen Ojo said...

Debo Blue - Yeah, the Burris monies has not made it to the MSM. I think these things are on a slow leak. I'm sure it will pop up later like a Bill Richardson. Sure I would love to exchange notes.

Uppity - you have been the only person that I have heard from the CHI that has made a credible argument. Although...I refuse to believe that of all the Black Politicians from Illinois a 70 plus year old man is the best man for the job. He wasn't even Blago's first choice. I would dare to say he probably wasn't even on Obama's wish list. West Virginia's did elect Byrd but West Virginia and Illinois are two different beasts. I will say that Burris should not make any deals with the Dems in order to get seated. If he feels that he can win a re-election then he should run. I have heard what black folks have said about him but I wonder what white folks think? Obama didn't win that Senate seat off blacks alone.

Anonymous said...

I think Blago's first choice of Danny Davis woulda worked, but I still think out of the whole state Burris is by far the best. Black or white, Burris has currency with the state of Illinois. He was elected to a statewide office, all the other black politicians of note are local politicians of the Chicago-land area who anyone south of I-80 doesn't know or doesn't care about.