Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: The end of an Error…oops…I mean Era. (Also Known As) How America Got Its Swagger Back.

Hold Up!!! Who invited Clarence Thomas to this event? Well I guess even a dog deserves to come in out of the cold. Anyway……..It seems they had to drown out the Boos for Bush with music from the band. Sucks to be you George Bush…….

I am not much for all the pageantry but the performances have been good. That doesn’t mean that I will run out and buy a Yo-Yo Ma album though. Well, maybe if it’s in the discount bin. I guess Justice John Roberts didn’t practice before giving Obama the oath.
They should have had a Slam Poet give the poem. Did Maya Angelou retire?
I wish John Lewis would get off Barack Obama’s nut sack!!! Now all of a sudden you are boys??? Whatever dude. His congressional district overwhelmingly went for Obama when he was still supporting Clinton. When his job looked shaky he decided to switch teams.

Bye Bye Bush. People have been waiting for this day since 2004. It’s been 4 years in the making but we finally made it. I hope Bush doesn’t think they are cheering because they will miss him. They are cheering because they are ready for him to leave. Get your tail on that helicopter. They can’t get that machine fired up fast enough for me. George Bush truly has unified the country. People of all races and genders hate his guts…….(Finally at the Airport) - That plane flying away is a beautiful sight.

Rene Syler, (former host of CBS The Early Show), is co-anchoring Black Entertainment Television News for the Inauguration (they do news????). Oh how the mighty have fallen. Rene, BET…..Really????

ABC News interviewing Rev. Jesse Jackson…blah blah blah blah…

Senator Ted Kennedy, sad to hear about you and I hope that you get well soon.

Glad to see HBCU Bands in the parade. It seems there is a push to try to eliminate black colleges. Post Racial My Behind!!!!

Glad to see the Harding High School Marching Band. They spent so much time raising money and it’s good to see that it paid off. Besides I don’t believe there are many bands from North Carolina performing.

Well a wonderful day was had by all. Today was a celebration and tomorrow is when the real work begins. My frat brother asked me how I felt about today. When Obama was nominated in Denver I didn’t cry. When he gave his acceptance speech in Chicago I didn’t cry. Today when he was sworn in I didn’t cry. I always knew that if a black man was given a chance he would succeed. I knew that black men are competent and capable. We are not looking for a hand out but an opportunity. I didn’t need Obama to teach me this. I watched my father get up for work every day. I also watched him display intelligence and perseverance. While it is true that I didn’t think a black man could be President in America (Hey you didn’t think it either – stop tripping). I never thought for a moment that he couldn’t do a good job if elected.


uglyblackjohn said...

Rene Syler - Viacom owns CBS and BET. The heads probably could only think of one Black employee so Syler got tagged.

Tomorrow will seem like the day after Christmas.

Jess said...

lol @ Clarence Thomas! It does seem like America's swag is on high right about now. And yes, Bush flying away in the helicopter was my third fave part of the day after the actual swearing in and Dr. Lowery's benediction. May peace and success be upon our brother Barack!

Debo Blue said...

I am so glad my mouth was empty when I read the line about John Lewis.

And leave Rene alone. She was fired like a lot of people. Thank Goodness she has a job.

I'm still praying for you (hee hee)

Citizen Ojo said...

UglyBlackJohn - I guess A. J. Calloway was busy.

Jess - He still needs to get someone to pray over the White House.

Debo Blue - Pray harder after you read my next post.

the uppity negro said...

Only Melissa Harris-Lacewell's blog, The Kitchen Table seemed to have high praise for the Yo-yo Ma classical interlude that the NY Times reported yesterday was pre-recorded because the instruments wouldn't have held up in the cold--I kinda figured that.

But, nonetheless, aside from Jospeh Lowery's benediction this was definitely a whitebread event.

I mean, I wasn't a total fan. Arefa kind of saved the event for the goo-gobs of black folk that were out there. I mean seriously, I haven't seen that many black folk in fur coats unless Easter falls in March one year and you live up North.