Friday, January 02, 2009

More deregulation? Too bad Endangered Species can’t vote.

Since the middle of Novemeber, I have been wondering what President Bush was doing. I saw he was still in good health when he was ducking and dodging on TV. What surprised me though was in November he was still doing Executive work. The Bush Administration was planning on reducing environment protection requirements for power plants, uranium and coal mining. I guess we missed this because we were distracted by the $5 Gallon of Milk, and the $4.00 per Gallon of Gas. I guess Bush figured his approval ratings were already in the tank, so why not piss off the Bald Eagle and the Lange's Metalmark Butterfly. I guess we still haven’t learned our lesson from the Financial Deregulations. As I have said before, Bush was under qualified for the job of president. He was a mediocre college student with a famous father. Add along the fact that he had the complexion for the connection and wala! Where is Al Gore when you need him? Where is the Indian that was crying on those commericals. I'll even take Smokey the Bear. Somebody has got to stop Bush. Al Gore, too bad you were such a bore when you ran for president. I know he was robbed of the Presidency but he was still lame.


uglyblackjohn said...

It makes sense.
All in his admin. will need jobs after this month. They're just making it easier for them to make money.

Debo Blue said...

Maybe Obama's cabinet will reverse this lame duck. But he's gonna be so busy just trying to keep up with all the bailout situations this may be overlooked.