Monday, January 05, 2009

Lawd Have Mercy!!! The Love Offering isn’t going to cover this one.

I heard Rev. Jesse Jackson talking about Church Foreclosures on Rev. Al Sharpton’s show. I thought he was lying about something again. Opps…. my bad. I meant to say that I thought he had misspoken about this subject. It turns out that the story is true. Some Churches are close to going dark and I’m not talking about during communion.


the uppity negro said...

Don't talk about my Jesse!!! LOL

But, at least I'm glad to hear you listen to Al Sharpton. What are your thoughts on that other guy Warren Ballentine?

Citizen Ojo said...

Uppity - I think Al Sharpton doesn't get enough credit. Do I follow everything he says and does. Nope, I agree on some things disagree on other things. I have a basic distrust of every talking head. I do think that he is getting smarter in his old age and is learning to pick and choose his battles. Warren Ballentine is an interesting person. I still haven't figured him out yet. Everyone has an angle I just don't know his yet. I do believe he wants to be the heir to the Sharpton Legacy. That's if Michael Baisden doesn't beat him to it.