Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thomas the Apostle aka Doubting Thomas would have loved this.

Check out this website called Church Rater. You can use it to rate churches in your area or to look up a churches rating. Christianity has come along way. Back in the good ole days, you would go to a church first and then form an opinion. Now with a click of a mouse you can form opinions without even stepping foot in the sanctuary. I have an opinion on this one but I am curious to know what others might think. Check it out and hit me back with your assessment.


JulianZ said...

Hi Citizen - I am one of the co-founders of and curious to hear what you think: feel free to "rate" us on our site or shoot me an email at jzegelman at churchrater dot com. Thank you for noticing us.

Anna Renee said...

Hi Public Citizen! I didn't find my own church in there, but I wonder how we can understand the heart of the person doing the rating! Will the person tell us if they are carnal minded, or hateful, or attentive to the sermons or whatever? How can we truly trust what they're saying if we don't truly know their heart?
I don't know.

Reggie said... best.

Val said...

There is so much political crap going on at so many churches that I can see this as a way for people to get revenge and make trouble. Some of the meanest people around are church-goers.

Citizen Ojo said...

JulianZ - Thanks for stopping by. To be honest I don't have a problem with your site. The possible problem is with some of the people that might use your site. If someone uses it in the spirit for what it was meant for then all is good. But the percentage of people that will attempt to talk bad about a former church or the person that had a perceived one time bad experience at a church is the unknown factor. I think the concept of it makes sense. I just hope that the "so called" Christians (for full disclosure I am one) that use it will do so in good spirit.

Anna Renne - Anna, thanks for stopping by. That is one of my concerns too.

Reggie - ha ha ha. You usually give a thumbs up or down..ha ha ha

Val - You and Anna are reading my mind. If there was a way to filter the responses from individuals like that. I know it's impossible but that could be a problem. In the end, the best judge will probably have to be you.