Thursday, April 29, 2010

Somethings "Just Not Right?" The Citizen Family debates Queen Latifah.

I was at a cookout and the topic of Queen Latifah’s new movie came up. One individual (a man) said he didn’t like to see her in romantic roles. Either it had something to do with Hip Hop or the fact she was playing against Paula Patton. I can’t remember which one exactly but the Paula Patton “Love Triangle” is unrealistic. I think Latifah is an attractive woman but something is not right about her playing someone’s love interest. I think it has to do with her sketchy dating history (or the lack thereof). You never see her with a man or hear about a man in her life. Well…….Maybe she plays for the other team. But if that’s the case then just be upfront about it. When I look at her I can’t tell what she wants or likes. That makes her confusing to me.

Side Note: Citizen Wifey said “It’s none of my business who she dates. And why wouldn’t Common get with Latifah. He was with Badu and he is currently with Serena Williams.”

My response to Citizen Wifey’s “Side Note”: “Get your own post.”

I wonder is my opinion based on the fact that I’m a man? When women see this movie will they wonder about her sexual orientation? In the end, does it really even matter?


Anonymous said...

This is a movie. No one would ever believe Common would be a pro basketball player, regardless of how they hype him up. If you want reality, watch a documentary. Paula Patton is playing a character, who happens to be one of the most superficial, self absorbed, golddigging women I've seen on film in years.

In real life, Common is with Serena, Paula is married to Robin Thicke and Queen Latifah is whatever. Fiction people. The whole film makes no sense in reality.

A pro athlete will always pick the golddigger and die alone (after Paula left him for a bigger paycheck), broke (after Paula took him for alimony and child support b/c you know he didnt sign a prenup) and depressed (b/c he knows for a fact that he was a damn fool).

That is what happens to shallow men. They always follow their penis and let the ride or die chick go until they come crying on her shoulder after he's left without a pot to piss in. The fact he chose love is an oxymoron within itself.

Jem said...

I've always had difficulty with seeing Latifah in romantic roles. Could be my own hangups... not sure. But, then again, are there that many openly gay actors and actresses who successfully walk the line into leading man/woman territory and maintain a sex symbol status? It's hard to do. I still love the Queen though!

msladyDeborah said...

Alrighty for the comments from Anonymous.

I'd like to answer this question after seeing the film. No matter what went down in their personal story if the cast does its job then it might be an interesting flick.

I only have one statement to make about the anonymous comments. I have a problem with every pro-athletes wife being labeled as a golddigger. No matter who the player is it always seem like the women get slapped with this label. I am not saying that some of them did not earn it. But by the same token I cannot help but to question if his wife was the pro-star of the family-would he be seen in the same manner?

I made a similiar statement about this comment over on Facebook. The commentor pointed out that there was no bias in his statement and that he knew men who had women taking care of them too. But I don't agree with his "no bias" intent.

You raised some good points about the reality of the casting in this film. But, I also think that Queen Latifah has grown in so many different directions during the course of her career. I like her as a vocalist. I think she did a great job in the film about being HIV positive on HBO. I hope you bring this back up after the film is released. By then, I'll be able to make a comment.

Anonymous said...

Ojo, you make some interesting points. However, I have to take this thought to an entire level, and isn't it good to see Queen Latifah, a voluptuous, full-figured, woman, playing someone's love interest? Regardless, of what the real life characters do in their personal lives, it's good to finally see someone like Latifah, end up with an attractive man. Usually, a plus sized woman and attractive man story lines are "taboo." I'd like to revisit this after I see the movie to rate the actor's performances.

Val said...

It's called acting!!!!

Why does that matter? Do think about Luther's sexual orientation when you hear one of his songs?

Anyway you should check out Latifah in a film called Life Support. She was great in that film.

Citizen Ojo said...

Anonymous - Interesting observation but I can't say that all pro's pick gold diggers. What about the girl that was with the dude when he didn't have anything? Sure some men are superficial and only date women based on their looks but if you've seen "some" ball players wives you can tell it wasn't because of how they made men do double takes..

Jem - nope! If a man comes out tomorrow as gay he will decrease his leading role chances. So I guess for men coming out is harder. But Ellen Degeneres has made being a lesbian popular. Or is it that if she was black she wouldn't get the same props? Interesting...

Msladydeborah - I really don't have an interest in seeing the film. I've been fickle in what I'm watching lately. I would love for you to watch it and do a review on my blog of course...ha ha

Anonymous - Yes of course. If you don't know..I'm infatuated with Jill Scott. I didn't want to see Why Did I Get Married because I heard old boy was doing her dirty in the movie. If I saw that I would be hollering at the screen and stuff - not a good look. I'm glad to see plus size women get it in. But my point was not about size.

Val - Actually now that we have heard rumors about Luther being gay I do wonder. I remember a lady telling me that all his songs were for his male lover. I told her she must have been joking but what if? There is a singer that I have in rotation on my IPOD and I just found out he is gay. I still like his music but in the back of my mind I wonder if he is singing to his man and not his woman.

Humbly Beautiful said...

I am very excited about seeing this movie. I think she is believable in romantic roles. I loved her in Last Holiday which I could totally see the attraction between her and LL Cool J. I think the main theme of the movie is the basketball player falling in love with someone who typically does not fit the stereotype of what a basketball player would fall in love with.

As far as doubting believability of the role because of questions about her sexuality. There are several singers (Luther) whose sexuality was questioned but sang love songs that touched everyone.

Nik said...

I don't think her personal life should have any bearings on her career and the roles she chooses to play. She's acting and I personally like her as an actress. She makes me laugh, she doesn't make me spend the whole hour wondering if she's a lesbian, bi-sexual, or heterosexual, so for me, I guess she's doing her job.

It's refreshing seeing full-figured Black women in movies. Means they're working and that's all that matters really. I support our actors, actresses, musicians, when they're doing positive things.

Citizen Ojo said...

Humbly Beautiful - Maybe LL should put more full figured women in his videos? Who are we kidding... He would never do that because that is not what sells (per Madison Avenue and Hollywood). Well at least his acting was good I guess.

Nik - as people that watch these individuals perform we always say their sexuality, race, gender don't matter. But it must matter to Hollywood or more people would be open about their sexuality, about their blackness. I think the business that entertainers are in makes people want to keep up the illusion while keeping the reality in the dark.

TB_BT said...

sorry ojo, i'd have to agree with citizen wifey on this one. who really cares? and why does she need to be up front about her "preferences?" i suppose people want her to be up front because they suspect she likes women...such a double standard if you ask me. heteros aren't asked to be "up front" because that's considered normal by many. blah blah echo val, it's called acting.

P.rofessional H.ater D.egree said...

Here I come to HATE the DAY!!! Didja miss me? Owww.
I think you did C.O....I think you did.

First off...has Citizen Wifey ever seen E. Badu or Serena Williams? Both of them are better looking and are in better physical shape than the U-N-I-T-Y Queen. I hate her for even suggesting that.

Secondly, rom-coms [romantic comedies] are on the top of my Hate List. I hate those movies so bad. They are all the same.

Third, I simply hate you and this post. So I keep coming back to let you know.

Hate-o de Mayo!!!

Freckles said...

Realistically, It doesn't matter but honestly I often wonder. I think that she a beautiful woman and all of that and I like the concept of a full figured woman taking interest in a man and all that jazz... However, I will have to agree that it is alittle something for me watchin her in romantic scenarios. It's just alittle something. I cannot quite provide a concise emotion at this moment but I feel you on this post my dear Citizen.

Citizen Ojo said...

P.H.D. - Where have you been? You came around for the holidays and that's it! So you didn't like the Queen's album "Black Reign."

Freckles - See, something isn't right and you can't put your finger on it. You Feel Me!!