Monday, January 11, 2010

lying liars loosely lying lately starring Rudy Giuliani.

Here we go again!!! Rudolph Giuliani is telling a whopper of a story in this sham of an interview. Where is Jon Stewart when you need him? Little Man George Stephanopoulos came up short on this one. I still don’t know why he gets all these prime interview gigs? This joker’s claim to fame comes from writing books about his life with President Clinton. It seems a quick way to fame is to write a book about Clinton. Gennifer Flowers should have been writing notes instead of giving Clinton felatio. Stephanopoulos should have done his due diligence and called Giuliani out for blatantly lying. How can Giuliani say “we had no domestic attacks under Bush; we’ve had one under Obama”? September 11, 2001 happened while President Bush was in office. Hell, Giuliani made such a big deal about it while running for president in 2008. He said his handling of the aftermath showed true leadership and poise under pressure. I wish people could speak for themselves without repeating the tired party script. Can you imagine if this clown won the Presidency? We would have a Cross Dressing Liar as President and a Jump-Off as 1st Lady.


tsboddy said...

this is not the first time this statment has been rudy or someone else. i don't get it. how are they classifying 9/11...and you are correct, considering rudy made mention of this attack and his role in restoring calm (if he really did anything at all), every opportunity he had. some people just need to STFU...period.

Citizen Ojo said...

People are just repeating the "company" line and not thinking for themselves. If he thought about the statement before he said it - he would've know it sounded wrong. Once again he shows why he isn't credible.