Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some people love bringing in the New Year with gun fire and such…

When you have to ask who a celebrity is that means only two things.

#1 They were on a VH1 reality show.

#2 They are a Hood Celebrity.

Atlanta Rap producer Demetrius Stewart is being held without bond on a murder charge. Stewart, who goes by the name Shawty Redd (I believe it’s pronounced “shorty” but I digress), allegedly shot Damon Martin after a New Years Eve party at Stewart’s home. When I first heard of this I said "Who"?

*Side Note 1*: His home is in the Suburbs of Hampton, GA – 85% White Population. Can't be all that Gangsta.

Unfortunately or Fortunately for Stewart, there were no witnesses to “not” snitch on the incident. That is because the only two people left after the party was Stewart and Martin. It seems kinda odd that there were no women hanging around afterwards. What about all those music videos with half naked women drinking liquor and dancing. You would think a Rap producer’s party would make a Snoop Dogg video look like a Boy Scout Jamboree. Two men alone after New Years still sounds odd…….but I digress.

*Side Note 2*: The homes and cars in those videos are rented. The women are picked from agencies and strip clubs.

I guess you are wondering what will Rap do without this Grammy nominated producer? How will Rap go on living without the Legend that produced such songs as Trap or Die, Trap House, Stash House and That’s My Hood (do you think he was talking about Hampton, GA). What will wanna be gangsters, booty shakers, faux pimps and pimpettes do now?

*Side Note 3*: I listen to NPR so none of this will set me back in the least.


the uppity Negro said...

Well, very few rappers actually stay in the hood once they got a little something. That was part of the plot in the the movie Cookout. We don't stay, we never really wanted to stay!

It's a doublespeak. The lyrics say one thing that glorifies the hood, but then soon as we get a real chance we will get the hell out, no questions asked.

As far as two men together at a party...

Well...it is Atlanta.

Citizen Ojo said...

Uppity Negro - That's why I made sure to show the names of the songs he has produced. I wanted to show the Hypocrisy in this "New" Rap game. You are correct Sir, it is Atlanta so why am I shocked...HA