Monday, November 30, 2009

What Does Wanda Know?

I’m not going to give into gossip so I will wait to see what happens with Tiger Woods. But maybe Wanda Sykes knows something that we don’t.


Jennifer said...

We shall see. It's too bad this has to be dragged through the media. I feel bad for him in a way...This makes me think of a few discussions I've come across regarding domestic violence when the woman is the perpatrator...if that's the case, do we see it differently then when it's the other way around?

lincolnperry said...

The Calabrasian has no love for the sistas, ya'll to much drama for him. In the words of Jasmin Sullivan, I'll bust the windows out your car, but who knew it would be a white girl!

uglyblackjohn said...

Wanda's idea makes more sense than the "Official Version".

Citizen Ojo said...

Jennifer - If this is domestic violence it would be the Chris Brown and Ri Ri incident in reverse. Should Tiger Woods admit what happened and go get help. Does his wife have anger problems and should she get help? This is going to be something.

Lincoln Perry - IF this did happen, do you think it was the first time? I believe people will give you a preview of what you have to deal with.

Uglyblackjohn - it does doesn't it??

lincolnperry said...

@Citizen Ojo
Not necessarily, she could be one of those passive agressive types with build up frustrations!

Brothers marry these types of women, believing they can be micro-managed like a career!

Anonymous said...

She would be amongst the few 'superstars wives' who has decided to take an aggressive stance against her cheating husband, as opposed to just letting it pass over quietly. But who knows, she may have been beating that butt for a while, and this is the first time we could tell there was distress in the home.

But if we can just reflect for a moment, we'll remember that this little lady was nothing more than a babysitter for golfers.

She sure does know how to beat, I mean, bite the hand that saved her, I mean feeds her.

Dylan B. said...

ditto @ uglyblackjohn

I was thinking that too when all those developments came into play.

LMAO @ Wanda Sykes for the black and asian joke.

Citizen Ojo said...

Anonymous - It would be shameful if the case was one of physical abuse. And that this one would have been one of many. Only because Tiger married her because he probably thought she was docile and obedient. BUT again we don't know what happened.