Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Dobbs calls it a day.

The 64 year old anchor has decided that it’s time to break camp. Apparently he is leaving CNN to possibly go into advocacy on a full time basis. I can only imagine him creating an independent group that focuses on illegal aliens. Dobbs had to talk to the head honcho at CNN to get released from his contract. Usually when someone wants out of their contract that means they are unhappy. I believe that Dobbs finally started reading the tea leaves. Also throw in the fact that Latino progressives were demanding his head on a platter. Dobbs finally realized that his brand of journalism can only be practiced in certain circles. He never fit into the whole CNN dynamic. They are in that weird spot between MSNbc and Fox News. Their anchors don’t want to look liberal and they don’t want to look conservative. Dobbs was the only guy to take a legitimate stand against something. Rick Sanchez and Campbell Brown bark every now and again but they aren’t pissing people off. Don Lemon and the rest of the blacks are only weekenders. Wolf Blitzer has a cool first name but other than that he doesn’t kick up dust. Dobbs was the one that was beefing with Keith Olbermann. Dobbs was the one that angered Latinos from the South Bronx to East LA. Dobbs consistently questioned why President Obama would not show us his birth certificate. He decried war against Washington D.C. as if they had personally assaulted him. Dobbs was too hard for this network and he knew it. Even with a wife of Mexican heritage, he endorsed closing borders and running illegal aliens out of the country. I always wondered what she thought about his stance on illegal aliens. Maybe she felt the same way? Either way he was still talking about her peoples. We can only wonder where Lou Dobbs will end up next. He is not getting any younger so he doesn’t have time on his side. I keep wondering why at 64 he has decided to make a career change. My suggestion to him is to get the same agent that Glenn Beck has. Glenn Beck left Headline News (CNN owned) and he landed on his feet just fine.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I can only imagine him creating an independent group that focuses on illegal aliens. [/quote]

It is interesting that about 9 years ago a Black Progressive poster on a particular message board that I had always debated with LOVED Lou Dobbs. At that time he was sticking it to George W Bush and she loved it.

Fast forward to Obama and I can only imagine that this same Progressive is no longer a fan of Mr Dobbs.

Question - did Dobbs change or did the BACKGROUND IMAGE change?

The laughable thing about you and Roland Martin of the joke of a show "Washington Watch" on TV One is that you all appear to view illegal immigration as simply expanded opportunity for people from Mexico and beyond. In fact Martin's guest said "If THEY had it their way WE would not be here in America either".

Such rationalization fails to take ownership of the labor and wage competition between the Black worker and the illegal immigrant worker. Instead of making note of how these shortsighted policy preferences held by many Black Progressives for the sake of "expanded opportunity" also have an impact upon the economic ability of our community to support themselves.

Any harm is projected upon some "National Republican" or "Corporation" or "Suburban Conservative" that is attempting to oppress our people.

MISSING in all of this is the impact of THESE TYPE OF POLICIES.

The only thing more reprehensible than Lou Dobbs' incessant focus upon ILLEGAL immigration has been the tone deaf cluelessness that has been expressed by the Black Establishment on this vital issue.

Citizen Ojo said...

Constructive Feedback aka “Lil Ronnie” -

I was attending church today so I did not see Roland Martin’s show on T.V. One. Roland says he is an independent but the show does have a left leaning bent. But I don’t produce the show so I’m not involved in the decision making process. So to tie me and Roland Martin together is quite odd. Where have we been together where we have given our opinions on illegal aliens? I didn’t give my opinion or state my position in this post. Once again you have done a terrible job of trying to label me as Left Leaning. Especially since there is nothing in this post that alludes to that. I have called you a liar before but it appears that you like to embrace falsehoods with reckless abandonment so I guess I should stop using that term to describe you because you relish in it. If you have been paying attention of late, Dobbs has been taking heat from Latino progressive groups for his views. A large percentage of black folks take issue with illegal aliens just like you apparently do. They feel that their jobs, lively hoods etc are being taken away from them. So finally you have found some black folks that you have something in common with (Max Reddick won’t believe this). I suggest you go search them out and form a group that can help Lou Dobbs in his quest to beat back this wave of immigration. In the meantime, the lawmakers in D.C. that let immigration get out of control because Businesses (that used immigrants for cheap labor) gave money to their campaigns will keep denying any type of accountability for this action. Do we need to have an immigration policy in this country….yes! It especially needs to be fair because of the current double standards between the people of Haiti and Cuba. Lou Dobbs started out with something that could have led to an honest dialogue by pointing out facts and holding all the politicians (that means both parties) accountable. But when you start saying illegal aliens are bringing leprosy to the U.S. (where is the proof in this?) you have officially jumped the shark.

Anonymous said...

Dobbs is correct, this aint f**king Latin American, if these corrupt regimes were doing there jobs these roaches are less likely to crawl over our borders!

lincolnperry said...

Quiet as its kept Citizen, I didnt have a problem with Dobbs outside of his Obama birther bull***t!

I have to agree with him on the immigration issues, the hispanics are really down with us anyway, they are waiting to leverage their postion against ours!

Citizen Ojo said...

LincolnPerry - Where have you been man? I know Latinos are waiting to make moves politically. As well they should be. They see the writing on the wall. They are going to have the upper hand as the U.S. largest minority. But working against them is counter productive. We need to start thinking strategically. Proactive instead of Reactive.

Anonymous said...

personally, I think Lou is prejudice. He's another one who did not want a Black president. Dobbs could never find anything that Obama did that was good. Beside that, he is NOT smart. If someone gives him facts about Obama's birth certificate and he still tried to push the incorrect information, you are either stupid, or prejudice.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Roland says he is an independent but the show does have a left leaning bent.[/quote]

Strange for an "Independent" to say WE when referring to the Democrats. But I digress.

WHY do you key in upon the views of the "Progressive Hispanics" rather than upon the RULE OF LAW in this nation?

Citizen Ojo said...

Constructive Feedback - There you go being silly again. "WE" means black folks, conservative, liberal, independent. Why should we let people pit us against other minorities. You want the citizens of this country to follow the law of the land when our elected officials don't? Sounds like you are the one that has been brainwashed. I'm for an immigration policy but I won't be lectured to by the politicians that looked the other way when illegal aliens were crossing the borders. Your beef is with the wrong people. Wake Up Man!!!