Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A day of Regime Change - The Overthrowing of a County School Board.

Burke County School Board Chairwoman Tracy Norman must be legally blind. I take that back because that is offensive to blind folks. Even Stevie Wonder would have seen the writing was on the wall. Norman was the main conspirator in getting rid of popular School Superintendent David Burleson. Did I mention that Superintendent Burleson was “POPULAR?” People that understand the power of voting are dangerous people. They put fear into the hearts of elected officials. These voters can’t be fooled with a lot of razzle dazzle. Handshakes and empty promises don’t work with this group. You either do what they want or end up without a job. So in last Tuesdays North Carolina State election, Chairwoman Norman took an “L” with a major league drubbing. She lost to the winning candidate by a 14 – 1 margin. Susan Stroup, the winning candidate pledged to change current school board policy. So guess what happened to the incumbent school board members that were against Norman’s decision to oust Burleson? They all were re-elected. And guess what happened to the 1st time candidates that were running (here is a hint – they support Burleson). The voters spoke last week and politicians heard them. I wonder did other North Carolina voters hear them as well.

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