Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tusks vs. Horns – A Family Conflict.

The function of conservatives is not to meet every liberal program or scheme with a denunciation or a destructive counter-scheme, but rather to weigh its advantages and defects, supporting the first and challenging the second. A declaration of ideological warfare against liberalism is by it nature profoundly un-conservative. It meets perceived radicalism with a counter-radicalism of its own.

~ Sam Tanenhaus, author of The Death of Conservatism

The Elephant Party is not only destroying the Democrats but they are killing their own as well. Republicans have always been in different camps within the party but now one camp wants the top spot. The Far Right has decided to drive certain Republicans from the party. I thought the Log Cabin Republicans would be on the hit list but they weren’t. I guess as long as the Lob Cabin’s stay gay and quiet they will fly under the radar. The group in the cross hairs goes by the name RINO (Republican in Name Only). The funny thing is that RINOS didn’t start their own group. Some of them just ended up in the group because they weren’t liked. It’s like picking teams for kick ball and no one picks the kid that eats boogers. He is probably a good athlete but his only sin is that he eats his own mucus. The Rinos’ only sin is that they do not hold to a traditional conservative Republican value system (per Rino haters). I would suggest that Michael Steele take control of this situation but he is only a prop. The only other person in charge is Rush Limbaugh and he’s not going to step in. And if you are a Democrat, don’t be too smug about this Republican infighting. You have your own group that should be called DINO. Instead you call them Blue Dog Democrats.


Constructive Feedback said...


Can we have this discussion but FREEZE IT upon the Black Community?

In the communities that have PURGED ALL OF THEIR REPUBLICANS/CONSERVATIVES and have only Progressive Democrats in control over all of the key institutions - HOW does your claim stand in this context?

Can you define where by MERELY having purged the evil, racist Republican party from power - ANY community has been made to thrive because of the control by the Progressive machine?

Do you see what is happening now at the macro level? After having control over the local institutions and STILL not obtaining the promised benefits in these local areas - the Progressive-Fundamentalists are now seeking to expand their power base nationally.

Normally, Ojo, one obtains success at the local level, mastering his techniques so that they can be scaled to the larger scope. With the progressive - you all have convinced the aggrieved masses who live under your policies that they should abate their frustrations and stay UNIFIED behind the cause and help defeat the EXTERNAL adversary which keeps you of one mind.

This road is coming to an end as despite all of this control at present - massive problems remain and you have reached the "West coast" of your expansion.

Time to revisit the lands that you all now cover and begin to PRODUCE.

Citizen Ojo said...

Constructive Feedback aka “Rapping Ronnie” -

You love to change the subjects on other people’s blogs. You probably thought I was going to call you a liar this time. Well I’m sure there is always next time.

Since you want to apply the post to black folks let me take a guess and tell you what you are really trying to say.

1)Black folks have given their undying loyalty to black politicians and have gotten nothing in return

2)Black folks have been duped into a victimization mentality by the same people that were supposed to be pushing us to being more independent.

Let me know if I left something out. I don’t know why you are hard of hearing. Some of the people that you attack agree with you. But you are either too blind to see it or you just like the fight. Yes to all of the above!!! We have hitched our wagons to some people that have not had our best interests despite having our same skin color. It is not as if you have found the cure for cancer. This isn’t new news – it’s quite old.

Now back to the original post. The Blue Dog Democrats wouldn’t be in cities, counties where black folks had a large majority so what is your point? Or maybe once again you are trying to shape the conversation into a piece where I support progressive democratic views. There you go telling tales again!!! “the evil, racist Republican party” is your words not mine.

This post was about in-fighting in a political party. The bottom line is that you can’t advertise as a big tent party and try to kick out people that you don’t agree with. You have pissed a lot of black folks off but no one is asking you to renounce your blackness. Okay that probably is a little off but its funny to me. If you get anything from this, get the fact that although you don’t agree with some people on the blogoshpere. You might have more in common than you think. Find out where you agree and work together to call attention to a problem in that area. Maybe you might make a friend or two. Because it must be lonely being on your one man island.