Sunday, April 05, 2009

Something Sweet…….Baked Goods to Remember

Continuing my new segment highlighting local entrepreneurs. I respect the hustle so I want to show the hustle some love. Next up is Citizen Wifey’s Sorority Sister and Friend Brigitte Morris.

Are you looking for something special for the sweet spring season?
Once the meal has been cooked, don’t worry about the dessert! These cakes are great
options that will get you out of the kitchen quicker. They also make great gifts for
significant others, parents, children and friends!

Next Up: Spring Offerings

Lemon Pound Cake (box cake, baked with a little
added love)…$10

Homemade Pound Cake (lemon glaze)…$25

¼ sheet Carrot Cake…$25

3-layer Red Velvet Cake…$30

3-layer German Chocolate Cake…$35

Pricing Available through 6/30/09
NOTE: If emailing, please put “Spring Offerings” in the subject line and provide a
telephone number.
Baked with love by,
C. Brigitte
Telephone: (704) 222-5176


Mary said...

Yeah, I'd like something sweet.

Citizen Ojo said...