Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Future Black Politicians in Training or a case of playa hating?

The Florida A&M University’s outgoing SGA President Andrew Collins is under suspicion of misappropriating funds.

The problem:
1) A $174.00 tuxedo with accessories (shirt, shoes, cufflinks, belt and tie).

The Defense:
1) President Collins needs at tux for special events that he is required to attend.

2) The SGA Chief Financial Officer gave Collins the go ahead for purchasing the tux.

3) Collins claimed the suit was funded from a discretionary account.

President Collins said “the discretionary account is used every year by student body presidents in a manner they feel best serves the student body. He also said unfortunately, certain individuals with personal aspirations are seeking ways to call attention to themselves by taking away from things students should truly be concerned about.”

The Accuser: Student Senator Brittany Aikens has asked for an audit of the Student Government Association.

Senator Aikens said “every administration that crosses SGA doors stand for accountability and transparency, and they should have no problem submitting the necessary documents to justify every purchase.”

---------------------But, Not To Fear Because Hope....... oops..... Help is on the way-------------------------

The "almost was" NEW President Elect was claiming his administration would be transparent with all their financial actions. But that was before he staged a sit-in at FAMU’s president's office. Apparently Gallop Franklin lost the election due to trickery at the polls (hence the term “almost was”). Seven witnesses have come forward to testify about irregular precinct procedures and alleged forgery of signatures.

Citizen Ojo side bar: Crooked elections in the State of Florida??? Get out of here!!! For real?

Does any of this sound familiar?


the uppity negro said...

Very familiar.

I'm done with student governments. It's nothing more than just a resume booster and a way for someone to get the perks. For the now about to be seven full school years (DAMN, i'm really waiting on the day I get conferred my terminal degree) I've been out of high school, i've watched SGA Presidents do absolutely NOTHING.

The one at Dillard just aint do ish. The one at Fisk the year I was there, tried to ramrod her appointees through (ie her friends who helped on the campaign) without going through the proper channels. So imagine the new kid on campus, myself, who was really a senior, but no one knew because I had transferred because of Katrina; and I shut the SGA Senate DOWN when I said we're following the constitution. Then I got to my grad school and the SGA president took 700 bucks to go to birmingham with his "male friend" when it was supposed to be SGA members going to the conference.

We tried to impeach him and the council said we didn't have enough evidence to impeach him. And then the other SGA members who was ready to impeach him started to roll over.

This is Fool Fest at its best.

This is the way of the world. These are the same people who will eff you over when they get elected or appointed to a position that carries real weight.

Citizen Ojo said...


Were you fighting the power in college?

Well it’s too early to see if they go the Kwame Kilpatrick route (ironically he graduated from Florida A&M). I am a firm believer that power corrupts people. We are flawed individuals and are susceptible to being seduced by questionable distractions.

the uppity negro said...

I was just arguing due process.

It was really funny because they had called the president out of a school wide meeting because "the new boy" was causing a ruckus. I just merely was quoting what our constitution had stated. And all of them felt like crap because everyone thought I was a freshman cuz I was new, but I was really a 20 year old senior who had seen all this bullcrap happen before, lol.

So I had kinda shut it down that day and me and the prez, we never quite got it together since that day even when we were on the same team for Quiz Bowl...

speaking of which....do you know anything about HCASC?

Citizen Ojo said...

Nope never heard of it?!!