Monday, April 27, 2009

My Letter To Nancy Pelosi - Torture or Enhanced Interrogation Techniques: Stop Playing Semantics and Give Me The Facts.

I don’t care that politicians don’t know the difference between Torture and Interrogations. I don’t care that Dick “Dark Sith” Cheney agrees with enhanced interrogations techniques…..oops…torture. I don’t want to hear about America’s moral authority either. America was founded on immorality (America’s exploitation and murder of indigenous peoples from California to Africa comes to mind). If politicians want to torture the bad guys, they should be honest about it. Just don’t be mad when Al Qaida sends video of Americans being tortured. Sorry Dick but you can’t have it both ways!!!

I want to know who was in the room when they decided to “Fake Drown People”. I saw Rambo II and I know we are doing more than water boarding but I digress. The Democrats are acting like they are shocked that these things were going on. Nancy Pelosi, you know you are my boo!!! Girl you know how I feel about you? You know we first bonded from our beef with Hilary Clinton. I knew it wouldn’t work out because you are from San Francisco and I live in the Bible Belt. But I know that you were in the room when it all went down. Representative Jane Harman was in the room too. Last week she learned that she was wiretapped by the National Security Agency (a case of another person that never watched “The Wire” on HBO). Jane, how did you not know they were tapping “them” wires - you were on the House intelligence committee? Anyway, I don’t want to know about who was being wiretapped. The Bush administration tapped everything they could get their hands on. I want to know who was in the room?
The Democrats are not going to be able to hold the high ground on this argument. Their hands are just as dirty as the Republicans. I need for someone to come clean. I know that during the Bush administration if you spoke out against the war it would be costly for your career. The media stopped reporting news and took what the Bush administration said word for word. And they wonder why people read blogs more than they read newspapers. Just admit that you cosigned on the torture and I will be able to move on. You see I hate the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. That’s one of the reasons I became an independent. House Speaker Pelosi, you can be honest with me. I won’t judge you. I just want you to be honest when you are being interviewed. I also need you to take this heat off “The Prez”. I know it’s crazy to release torture info and then not expect an investigation. But he can’t investigate because democrats will go down too. So tell your people to hush up with all this investigation talk. You know Dick and Bush (that does sound funny when you put it together) aren’t going to spend a day in jail.
We need to get this over with because we have more pressing things to take care of. We have a Financial and Automobile crisis. Rumor has it that one of my banks might have failed the stress test. Pontiac just got the heave hoe from GM and my co-worker thinks his Saturn is safe from elimination? Someone needs to tell GM that GMC and Chevy vehicles are the exact same product. We don’t need redundancy…we need new products. And someone needs to tell my co-worker that he should have bought a Honda. I don’t want to spend time talking about trials that won’t happen. I want to talk about going green and the economy. I voted for you guys to get to work not play with words. Hop to it before I vote you out!!!


Anonymous said...

that just goes to show that some people don't pay attend to what they are meeting about

Debo Blue said...

I'm sorry to read about your heartbreak over the end of your relationship with Nancy.

You really didn't see it coming?

Citizen Ojo said...

Anonymous - That's how most meetings are in corporate america.

Debo Blue - No, Nancy Blindsided Me!!! ha ha ha.