Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Book of Lists

Continuing my new segment highlighting entrepreneurs. I respect the hustle so I want to show the hustle some love. Next up is Citizen Wifey’s Childhood Friend Valeasia Walker.

My Book of Lists is your book of to dos all in one place. So often you have made notes whether mental or on paper of the movies you want to see, the books you want to read, even the websites you want to visit. But when it’s time to recall those things, you draw a blank or have lost the paper you wrote it all on. These handy notebooks are perfect for keeping track of it all.

Some of our book lists include:

my Birthdays & Anniversaries -

my Books to Read-

my Movies to Watch-

my Places to Travel-

my Music to Buy-

my Restaurants to Try-

my Wine to Taste-

my Sites to Surf-

my Shoppes to Shop-

my Quotes to Quote-

my Things to Note-

my Web User IDs and Passwords

Customizable covers and inside pages are also available for an additional price. Discounts are available for multiple orders.

Email: for more details.


Debo Blue said...

Ck'd out her site, these will make great Christmas gifts for my team at work! Thanks for sharing this w/us.

Citizen Ojo said...

Not a problem Debo....