Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Presidential Debate part DUH. Don’t worry though because Sarah Palin likes it!!!

“My Friends” let me just tell you that this debate sucks!!!

Ten observations from the debate:

1. Why does Senator John McCain think that the black dude doesn’t know who Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are?

2. Why was Senator McCain trying to be a comedian?

3. McCain and Senator Obama, should have told the people the economy is going to get worse. Why don’t politicians like telling people bad news?

4. Can someone please tell me what the definition of Victory is when it comes to Iraq?

5. Tom Brokaw, I saw that you took charge, you need to get with Gwen Ifill to teach her how to moderate a debate.

6. Did that woman read her questions straight from the card? Did someone give her those questions to read? I bet Karl Rove was out in the parking lot handing out index cards.

7. How many heroes does McCain have? Reagan, Roosevelt…Jay Z?????

8. So Healthcare is now a Responsibility and not a Right? Uh Oh..someone needs to tell the children and the elderly about that. I don’t think they know.

9. McCain said he knows how to get Bin Laden – how and with what?

10. I heard people had drinking games during the debate – every time McCain says “My Friends” they take one to the head.

I thought McCain was going to go after Obama regarding Bill Ayers, but I guess he is too much of a coward to bring it to Obama’s face. That job is delegated to Gov. Palin or as The Uppity Negro Network say’s “That Thang”. These clowns…oops, I mean that focus group on CNN is lame. That’s why I watch MSNBC, because they don’t have scary looking people giving their opinions. These people think that the candidates can go into major detail on their policies. These debates are set up for Sound Bites….just like ESPN Sportscenter shows dunking highlights. You will never hear a candidate break down the bare bones of their programs. To talk about fixing healthcare would take 24 hours. You are talking about mathematical equations - particularly statistics. I sucked in statistics - both undergrad and grad. These debates are just for show at this point. If you don’t know who you want to vote for, then you need your head examined!!! Obama just needs to stick and move at this point. Let McCain make a mistake and hope that naked pictures of Palin will show up.

P.S. I’m not going to talk about how McCain pointed at Obama and said “that one” like he was a half man/half fish that crawled out of the swamp.


NCCU Alumni said...

I have answers to all 10 questions. I am Nichole Wallace from the McCain campaign...

1. because he is a reformer.
2. because he is a maverick.
3. because he is against special interest.
4. because he puts his country first.
5. Tom isn't qualified to be treasury secretary.
6. Phil Graham hasn't taken money from Fannie Mae since August. Ooops! wrong answer...because he is a maverick.
7. He puts his country first so everyone is his hero who laughs at his jokes.
8. Reform, Prosperity, Peace.
9. Because he has been a POW for 5 years and you guessed it...Country First!
10. I will reform mavericks!

Citizen Ojo said...

A visitor from the McCain campaign. Isn't that nice... I welcome you with a hearty handshake and a knife behind my back to shank you... just joking.. (wink) (wink)

Nichole Wallace,

I think you just read from the Sarah Palin talking points. You might want to get your paperwork together... ha ha ha.

D.J. said...

That one......why didnt they explain that????

Tasha said...

At a point, the debates lose value for me. The candidates rarely say anything new and just repeat their respective talking points.

NCCU Alumni said...

I ask you all to put your Country First and vote for the McCain/Palin ticket! Why? Because I am a maverick and a reformer and I will fight for YOU and not THAT ONE!!!!.....OK, enough of that BS! I have a question for those bloggers? Why are they still tracking undecided voters? not sure if you all have seen Soledad tracking voters in Ohio and to hear them say that barack won the debate and they still vote for mccain (including our cousins)...Please explain!

NCCU Alumni said...

OK, 1 more thing....I am watching MSNBC now and McCain is at a town hall....I am doing the headcount of US and I have yet to see one!