Thursday, October 16, 2008

America’s new love of Mediocrity (also known as) The dumbing down of America

This 2008 Presidential Election has brought out a new ignorance in America. It appears that we have lowered our standards when it comes to electing our political leaders. We have decided that personality trumps work experience. Terms to describe politicians such as “folksy” and “just like us” have become key words for describing qualified candidates. President George Walker Bush was once described as “someone you could have a beer with”. After almost 8 years under his rule, you now see what “someone you could have a beer with” gets you. We have citizens from all over the world coming to America to attend our colleges and universities. If an American education is good enough for someone from India, why can’t a biracial kid with an American mother and African father have the same kind of education? When did trying to better yourself with an education become such a negative? In this election when a politician has anything above a high school degree, they are called elitist. If a politician doesn’t hunt, fish or drink beer, they are called “east coast snobs”. Who came up with the idea of voting an Average Joe for president? Where did this Anti –Intellectualism come from? We don’t need Ordinary People running the country-we need Extraordinary people.

I would also like to know who started this new concept of congratulating adults for being first time voters? I’m talking about 35years plus adults that are first time voters. People are patting these folks on their backs like they invited a cure for cancer. Someone should tell them that they are late to the party. Just think of all the elections where we could have used their votes (2000)-(2004). The reason we are in this current mess is because of these individuals. Instead of giving them a handshake they need a boot to their behinds. I was driving with Citizen Wifey listening to the radio the other day and I almost wrecked the car. A local radio station was registering a 100 year old woman to vote. Are you kidding me!!! Who is to say she will even make it to November 4th. My bones crack when I get out of bed and I’m in my mid 30’s. I can only imagine what she feels like in the mornings. I hate to sound self righteous but I really need to stress this point. I don’t vote because I’m mesmerized by a candidate. I don’t vote because it’s the new hip thing to do. I vote because Medgar Evers died for me to vote. I vote because Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman died for me to vote. When did it get so bad that we have to beg people to vote? This is a right that was earned through blood, sweat and tears. We have people in this country that think they can actually vote on the internet for Election Day? I know high schools are getting rid of their music programs but civics classes too??? People have been around here sleep walking, (at least for the last 7 years and 9 months that we can tell by the number of new voters), while the country is deteriorating. Our schools, infrastructure, and neighborhoods are falling apart. The jails are overcrowded and convicted criminals are walking the streets with rap sheets longer than Korean weave. And now these people are registering to vote because it’s the responsible thing to do? Give me a break!!!!

The first time voters shouldn’t take all this criticism by themselves, because some of our registered voters are just as bad. How can you make an intelligent decision about voting from chain e-mails? I could go on but the more I type the more disgusted I get.

The End


uglyblackjohn said...

Most people are (by definition) average. The problem is in telling these same people that they are all special. It's a false sense of being just as good as anyone else. The Bible says that God judges us to be the same. When we believe that we ARE all the same, it creates problems and disappointment.

Citizen Ojo said...

Wow... now that is something...