Thursday, October 09, 2008

How McCain and Racism are as old as Dirt.

So it has come down to this. When all else fails and a black man is beating you - out comes the “southern strategy”. The Republican wink and nod to fellow racists is in full effect. This time the perpetrator is John Sidney McCain III. Unlike “men” in the past who did the dirty work themselves, i.e. Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Trent Lott, he has decided that it’s best to leave the women to the dirty work. He thinks he is smart ,because he knows Senator Obama can’t fight back with white women. How much of coward are you to let your wife fight your battles? How much of a presidential candidate are you that your vice presidential candidate overshadows you?

With Governor Sarah Palin beating the drum of racism, she has brought out all the lunatics. Because I’m black (African America or whatever they are calling us this week), I’m accustom to not being liked by “some” white folks. So the racial slurs, the getting passed over for jobs by less qualified people and the occasional clutching of the purse by white women is a part of my life. So unlike some of these “new” age negroes (black folks that are shocked and saddened everytime a white person calls them The “N” Word), I knew that the racists were going to come out. I’m just surprise they waited until now. They usually come out early and often. Palin thinks that she has the moral ground to cast a cloud over Obama’s character. Her husband belonged to a “Radical Group” and she is trying to link Obama to a terrorist organization when he was 8 years old. This chick is delusional and she needs to have her head examined. She doesn’t even know what kind of magazines that she reads. Her qualifications are loosely based on her looks and the fact that she can hunt wild game. Because of Palin’s vice presidential bid, I am going to nominate Sheena “Queen of the Jungle” for Secretary of State. Cindy McCain, the new Mrs. June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver, is also trying to take swings at Obama. He could have been really nasty and talked about how she was a tack head stoner but he didn’t. Obama said that family should be left out of the campaigns’ rhetoric. Apparently McCain didn’t get the memo, because he will do anything to win this election.

Even though McCain is older than the furniture in the White House, he wants to be the next occupant. McCain thinks because he is a war hero, and 26 year Senator he should be the obvious choice for president. It’s funny how “some” white folks are always talking about how black folks feel entitled but McCain and Senator Hillary Clinton thought that they should be president based on general principle. It is easy to play on the fears of “some” white folks, because they fear anything that doesn’t look like them. They are the ones that fear the future, so they cling to the past. It seems that all you hear about everyday is how Obama needs to court the “working class” and “elderly voters”. The problem is not that they don’t know Obama (which is always the media excuse). The problem is that Obama is black. I’m not going to give them a pass, because they are having a hard time rationalizing this election. Tell them to call a therapist. Black folks have been voting for white folks since we could vote. Now one black person is running and the world is coming to an end? Well I have a message to the McCains’, Palin and all their minions. Crawl back into the caves that you came out of!!! If the McCain Camp feels that this is the only way to get into office, they really are out of touch with reality.

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uglyblackjohn said...

The politics of fear (whether real or imagined) have been effective for Bush. McCain is just desperate and had to resort to past tactics in his campaign.