Thursday, October 02, 2008

Joe Six-Pack and the Hockey Mom’s: How the Republicans put in the FIX on the Vice Presidential Debate.

Gwen Ifill had to defend her job moderating the U.S. Vice presidential debate over a book that didn’t even come out yet. Her yet to be read book, Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama, has right wing pundits crying foul. I find it funny when folks from the right talk about bias and double standards. The road to the White House has been paved with double standards. Why does Barack Obama have to “knock it out of the park” when he debates but Sarah Palin has to “just get by”? To all the people that read this Blog including my momma (hey mom)!! The FIX is in!!!!!!

You heard me people!!! The bar has been set so low for Palin, that all she needs to do is dance around the ring (aka) the rope a dope. The FIX is in!!! Tina Fey sautéed Palin on Saturday Night Live last week and Katie Couric tripped her up on light-weight questions. Palin doesn’t have an answer for McCain’s exit strategy. She just passes the blame onto Obama and how he is not ready to be president yada yada yada.. Gwen Ifill should have taken the paper that had all the Foreign Policy questions and wiped her behind with them. Palin knows Foreign Policy like I know Cryogenics. People, the FIX is in!!!! Palin didn’t answer questions - just re-directed them back at Obama (oops he was not on the stage someone should have told Palin that). What makes her think that she can give a shout out? Are you at a debate or the Tom Joyner Morning Show? That paper that Palin is looking at must have the word Maverick on it because that is all she keeps saying.

Palin is the kind of peppy cheerleader that you vote on for high school senior class president. She helps you get new soda machines in the cafeteria, organizes pep rallies for the homecoming game and raises money for band boosters. That’s the extent of what she can do. This folksy down home routine is not going to work with people I know (i.e. black folks).

I heard a reporter say that a white man called this election “A Devils Choice”. This was because he had to make a decision between a Black Man and a White Woman. When did Palin go to the top of the ticket? Only a lame presidential candidate could be passed by his number 2. On paper Palin couldn’t hold Obama’s jock strap but this election is not going to be on paper. It’s going to be just like American Idol… a popularity contest. Things will have to get worse before color is negated. Then it will be a decision between “A vote for your purse/pocketbook or your prejudice”.

My left pinky toe could have done a better job as moderator than Gwen Ifill. She looked and asked questions like someone had kidnapped her parents and told her if she stepped out of line they would be killed. She needs to get a new backbone, new questions, new outfit and a new hairdo. I couldn’t wait for the debate (or lack thereof) to be over. This wasn’t a showdown. People……the FIX is in!!!

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Thed-litical said...

agreed. I'm inclined to think that many Americans "know" that Palin is a "novelty" and not a "real" selection for the #2 spot. I think that many republicans will stay home on Nov. 4th. They won't be able to bring themselves to vote for "Obama" but many of them also won't be able to bring themselves to support a 72 year old with Palin a "heart beat away"...That would be "un-American" to many of them as well.