Thursday, October 30, 2008

One week away...what will the aftermath look like?

Citizen Ojo welcomes guest blogger DougMG.

So DougMG tell us what's on your mind:

Let's quickly fast forward 7 days...

What will the aftermath of Barack Obama's land slide victory look like in America? What direct impacts will it have on the psyche of those Americans who still subscribe to the 'concepts of whiteness? Clearly we'll be excited and inspired and charged up.... But how will our celebrations be interpreted? Might they even be mis-interpreted as 'riots'? For those who aren't so inspired, how will their insecurities actually play out? Will organizations such as the KKK see a new revival in their memberships, and what will be their implications?

I cite one such historical scenario, where in 1910, the Unforgivably Black Jack Johnson fought and beat "The Great White Hope" Jim Jefferies. The aftermath led to a renewed cultural pride accompanied by spirited celebrations nationwide, but it also led to dozens of deaths and even lynchings.

We've never had this type of success before, of a Black man becoming president...therefore, it's really quite hard to say what we and the rest of America will do on the days after next Tuesday.

So I only wonder, what will post-November 4th look like?


uglyblackjohn said...

No different.
A day is like any other day.

Those who choose to blame their failings on race will say that Obama only succeeded because he is part white. Racist whites will say the same.

The difference will be seen more in those who need a little inspiration in order to take the next step. These peole will re-evauate their situation and make the appropriate changes.

This small difference can make all the difference.
Look at Vegas. Bright lights - big city, all on odds that are generally between 5-10 percent in their favor.

It won't take a dramatic swing in performance to change the country as a whole.

Debo Blue said...

What am I doing Nov 5th? Hopefully I'll be driving to work because the government will extend my company some of the bailout money.

I'll also be thanking God the Almighty I have enough money to gas up my American made vehicle.

Then I'll count the times the media will show Blacks grinning at the camera and saying, "that's my nigga up there! Now we gone call it the White and BLACK house".