Monday, October 27, 2008

I came back to this????

Your man with the plan, that would be “me”, just wrapped up Homecoming Weekend HBCU Style. I was trying to rest up on Sunday after being out all weekend long. Little did I know this past weekend was going to be jammed pack with drama!! I’m not talking about that white woman who said a black man assaulted her, and carved the letter B into her cheek. Black folks knew that was fake when it was reported in the news. I’m definitely not talking about Elizabeth Hasselbeck following around a rouge Vice Presidential Candidate. Two of the worst mistakes Barbara Walters has ever made was telling us that she slept with a black guy, and hiring Hasselbeck.

The thud of the weekend was the D.L. Hughley’s CNN show. I haven’t heard black folks complaining this much since they went back to small glasses for communion. I’m not going to jump on the bash D.L Hughley band wagon; because I don’t think it’s his fault. He gives very bright commentary when asked about political issues so I know he isn’t stupid. But I believe he likes pushing the envelope, and when he does it always comes across messy. The people that I blame for this one is “us”. “Us” i.e. Blackfolks!!!! We supported BET after they dropped Teen Summit and the Nightly News. We supported BET when they started BET Uncut. We didn’t go support quality movies such as The Great Debaters, Eve’s Bayou, and Devil in a Blue Dress. We didn’t complain to the major networks after the Don Imus episode to give minorities a television show expressing our views. We didn’t condemn Bob Johnson when he alluded to Barack Obama being a drug fiend. We listen to music that degrades our women and marginalizes our men. We are the ones that gave CNN the green light to produce this. D.L., like most black folks, wants to get paid and will do what he needs to in order to make paper. Just like the dough boy on the corner, the studio gangster and the Wall Street big shot. The bottom line: If you want respect you have to carry yourself with dignity.

Side Note: The Jennifer Hudson family tragedy was shocking and sad. My prayers go out to the family.


The Maven said...

I don't get down with Hughley. He's far too annoying for me, so I will probably never catch this show. But, I don't need to see it to get your drift about him pushing the envelope. He always toes the Clown line to me. Let me know how long it lasts.

Citizen Ojo said...

Some people seem to think that it will be a better show this week. I won't be watching, so I won't know.

uglyblackjohn said...

Chances are that I'll watch again. I wasn't thrilled with D.L. (or D.A.G.) but hope that he goes the clever route rather than silly.

Citizen Ojo said...

I like D.A.G. I think he is very underrated. At least it was funny.